Occurring approximately 3-4 times every year, the planet Mercury will shift into retrograde, bringing a time of chaos, confusion, and miscommunication. While we can’t avoid this difficult energy, there are steps that we can take to protect ourselves and minimize destruction in our own lives during this time!

It is upon us again, the challenging energy known as Mercury Retrograde. The shift occurred just a couple days ago, on July 26th, and will continue to impact our lives through until Mercury goes direct on August 18th.

Also known as the ‘Planet of Communication,’ the planet Mercury rules over communication, logic and reasoning, intellect and awareness. Its location in the zodiac can heighten these areas of our lives in different ways, setting us up for improved relationships, happiness and success in all that we do. Unfortunately, when the planet goes retrograde, this otherwise powerful and positive influences becomes one of confusion and chaos. It has been blamed for ruining relationships, causing workplace drama, and destroying important presentations, among other things.

Furthermore, this energy isn’t only an influence on us directly. Mercury Retrograde also has a strong impact on the devices that we use in our lives including cell phones and computers. Often seen as an important tool in our communication efforts, during this time these devices often glitch, malfunction or break down entirely.

While this can, without a doubt, be an incredibly difficult time for all of us, it doesn’t have to be. You can’t avoid the energy entirely, but there are steps that you can take to better manage it. In doing so, you will minimize the destruction and even set yourself up for success at the end of the day. Don’t believe me? Give it a try for yourself!

Here are 8 things that you can do to minimize the destructive influence of Mercury Retrograde on your life:

#1 – Fix mistakes that are still lingering from your past.

Let’s not even give your past mistakes an opportunity to add to the chaos! If you’re still avoiding dealing with an error from your past, now is the time to step up and put it to rest once and for all. Don’t overcomplicate matters, or it may never get resolved. Apologize, make amends and put it behind you. While Mercury Retrograde may make communication difficult, it also means that the Universe, namely karma, is more forgiving than any other time of the year. Use this to your advantage! It’s better to accept responsibility for your actions at a time when you believe you are most likely to be forgiven than to keep fighting just to be ‘right’. It’s all about picking your battles wisely.

#2 – Approach conversations with an open mind.

When you are trying to engage in conversation with friends, family, loved ones or even your doctor, remember that everyone around you is feeling this influence on communication as well. When communication starts to break down, we often start to clam up and become defensive. Instead, try approaching these moments with an open and understanding mind, recognizing that they aren’t actively trying to make this difficult any more than you are. Ask questions, seek clarification and avoid judgment, and you can avoid a great deal of drama!

#3 – Allow yourself to get creative, with suitable outlets.

One of the more positive impacts associated with the energy of Mercury Retrograde is that it promotes a higher level of creativity in our lives. This is going to come through one way or another, so why not harness this creativity in a positive way? If you make time to engage in activities that will act as a suitable outlet for all of your creative energy, you won’t find yourself fighting it in other areas of your life. This will allow you to be more serious and regimented when it’s required.

#4 – Stock up on all of the ‘essentials’.

This may sound like you’re preparing for a natural disaster, but the ‘essentials’ for Mercury Retrograde differ a little from those that you would expect during hurricane season. Rather than running for perishable foods and water, take stock of the areas of your life this is going to impact. For example, if you work a job that requires electronics, recognizing that your computer may fail you is important. Make a list of trusted repair shops and locations where you can go to use a computer if necessary (like the local library). Another device that often fails is your smartphone. If you have an older phone still on hand, be sure that it’s somewhere that you can grab it easily if a backup is required.

#5 – Make an appointment to see your doctor.

As a society, when we are faced with even the smallest shift or inconsistency physically, we often jump to worst case scenario thinking. This is going to be an ongoing struggle for you throughout Mercury Retrograde as you find yourself overthinking even the smallest of things. Rather than spending this whole time fighting your own thoughts, why not just clear it all up pre-emptively? Make an appointment with your doctor for a physical, you’re probably overdue anyway! This way, if there actually is anything to be concerned about you’ll know early, and don’t have to waste your time worrying about something that isn’t there.

#6 – Avoid making any commitments during this time.

This may sound a little extreme but humor me for a moment here. Mercury Retrograde is known for messing with our communication channels, which means that any information you are receiving may not be fully accurate. If you’re looking over a job offer or the paperwork for a new home purchase, you can’t fully rely on the fact that you’re actually getting all the details. Furthermore, this energy also influences our rational thought, so your decisions could be questionable at best. If something comes up, Mercury Retrograde isn’t all that long – you’re best served holding off to make a final decision until this time passes if at all possible.

#7 – Take the time to back up all your files.

One well-known influence of Mercury Retrograde is its impact on our electronics. Computers, smartphones, and tablets are often incredibly glitchy during this time, even failing entirely. This could spell trouble if you’re relying on them for the safety of your files, whether it’s an important work document or your family vacation photos. Take some precautionary measures. Backing up your files, especially if you do it online so that it’s not dependent solely on a physical electronic device, will ensure that even if your computer fails you, your files aren’t lost for good.

#8 – Whatever happens, stay flexible!

Let’s be honest, with all of the challenges that Mercury Retrograde is going to throw your way, life isn’t going to follow the neat little plan that you may have put on paper. Prepare yourself to face anything and everything that’s thrown your way. This means that you need to stay flexible and open to new ideas. Use your imagination and think outside of the box, as this may require some creative solutions!

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