Sure, we all have a voice inside of us but is that voice our intuition or our ego? Well, I believe that depends on what kind of person we are.

You see, our intuition is something that helps to keep us safe, it is our inner guide so to speak. It tells us what is good and what is not. Some people equate their intuition with that of a conscious but again that is something that varies from person to person. That being said, the ego can and will try to disguise itself as intuition and push us to do things we should not do.

When you notice the following things you should be able to tell whether or not your being guided by your ego or your intuition. The ego works in weird ways, and it seems to try to mimic intuition in order to protect itself. Of course, the ego is a very fragile thing.

8 Things That You Need to Know About The Difference Between Ego and Intuition:

1. The ego is loudest.

Your intuition is more like a whisper. It suggests things to you, it is not overwhelming for the most part. Your ego is the loudest voice in your head, easily.

2. Your intuition is a guide, not a bully to be questioned.

Your ego is not one to suggest but more or less one to demand. You will find yourself questioning your ego far more than you would your intuition. Your intuition is not going to be as persistent.

3. Ego directed thoughts are more about the ‘in the moment.’

Your ego is more focused on doing things in the moment. For instance, ‘this is going to feel great, I should do it.’ Your ego does not often think about the big picture.,

4. When you follow your intuition it feels easier.

Following your intuition is not a battle. You rarely have to question your intuition and it comes from a place of peace. I am sure you know exactly what I mean.

5. Intuition is more often a ‘feeling.’

Your intuition is not always a voice. Usually, it is a feeling. This feeling can come in many different forms.

6. Intuition does not come with pressure.

Your intuition comes from a place of peace. It doesn’t push you in the ways that your ego would. You feel a significant difference.

7. Your ego is much more forceful than your intuition.

Your ego is going to make you do things on a more intense level. Where-as your intuition is not going to be as ‘aggressive.’ If you have ever been swayed from an egotistical standpoint you know what I mean.

8. Your intuition is not as self-oriented as your ego.

Your intuition will push you to do things for other people not just yourself. Your ego tends to operate from a more selfish stance. Your intuition will want you to do better for everyone not just for yourself.

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