Emotional intelligence, for those who do not know, is basically something that refers to whether or not someone is able to understand their emotions. With more emotional intelligence comes a better ability to control your reactions to strong emotions.

Emotionally intelligent people are much more capable of dealing with their anger. When they become angry, they work through it without allowing it to consume them. They overcome the negative emotions before them in ways people lacking in this area would never imagine. Those who are not emotionally intelligent tend to lash out and overreact when they are facing anger but emotionally intelligent people do the opposite.

Below I am going to go over some of the things emotionally intelligent people do when it comes to handling their anger. These are things we should all be working on. In doing these things you can build your own emotional intelligence.

8 Ways Emotionally Intelligent People Deal With Anger:

1. They accept the emotion and where it came from.

Instead of trying to push that emotion back they accept it. They allow it to come forth instead of bottling it up inside. While they might not lash out they do feel it, they don’t refuse to feel the feelings before them.

2. They shift their focus.

When it comes to anger, shifting your focus is going to benefit you greatly. Instead of thinking about how angry you are, think about what made you angry in the first place. Figuring things out is going to help resolve them quicker.

3. They talk things out.

Talking it out with the person who made you mad in the first place can become a total gamechanger in your life. Learn to accept your emotions, and work through them with maturity.

4. They stop to ask why.

Stopping to ask why is not something most people think to do. They stop and consider why the person did what they did or where things went wrong to end up where they are. There is always an underlying reason. Nothing is ever as simple or as it might seem, and sometimes it takes a little while to figure out.

5. They express their emotions mindfully.

They don’t lash out like most other people do. They express their emotions without overreacting. They take others into consideration.

6. They do not let themselves get carried away in the moment.

They do not let themselves get carried away. If you live in the moment, you will end up saying things or doing things that you regret.

7. They take a step back and give themselves a moment to relax.

Rather than jumping right in, emotionally intelligent people will take a step back to assess the situation. They let themselves spend some time alone before coming back to the situation at hand. This is because everyone acts more rationally once they’ve cooled down.

8. They think things through before moving forward.

They don’t just jump into something they cannot take back. They think everything through before moving forward. For instance, instead of cutting someone out of their life for making them mad they will take the time to calm down and then talk things through with that person and fix the problem.


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