We live in a crazy world, full of drama, exciting news, ingenious discoveries and mind-blowing phenomenon. Keeping up to date on what exactly is happening right now can be a major challenge, especially when you have to decipher truth from fiction online, so we are going to make it easy for you…

From the coming July full blood moon lunar eclipse to the biggest medical advances, no one can claim that this life is a boring one. While you may discover some of these newsworthy headlines in your social media feeds, many are overlooked entirely. However, each of these important facts has the potential to have an impact on your life! Don’t find yourself left in the dark!

8 Things You Need to Know:

#1 – The first self-driving motorcycles have been released, sparking controversy.

There has been an ongoing discussion regarding the pros and cons of self-driving vehicles. While supporters talk about the elimination of human error as a way to cut back on the number of accidents we face, those who oppose the technology question just how reliable this technology actually is, and whether we are creating a bigger problem. If you thought that the debate was over, think again. Manufacturers AB Dynamics and AutoRD have released the prototype for the BMW C1, a self-driving motorcycle. It is said to include GPS software, sensors, balancing technology and even radio controls. While the bike certainly isn’t on the market at this stage, it raises the question about where we draw the line regarding technology.

#2 – A standard opticians eye test may actually reveal early warning signs of dementia.

When we make a trip to see our optician, we aren’t usually considering our mental health and our risk of dementia, but new research says that this is about to change. A routine test that is currently conducted to spot early signs of eye disease in which opticians assess the condition of our retina may actually provide an even bigger picture of our overall health and well-being. A new study found that those participants with the thinnest retinal nerve fiber layer, which can be observed during the test, were far more likely to show early symptoms of dementia. This could provide healthcare professionals with the opportunity to identify this risk early, focusing on preventative measures and treatment.

#3 – There is currently a great debate in the United States regarding the protection of endangered species.

Have you ever felt as though there are major things happening right here in our own backyard that we are often unaware of? Sure, much of what is discussed in the realm of US politics may not be the most interesting of topics, but there are some topics, like this one, that deserve greater recognition and discussion! Recently the Trump administration has been working on legislation to ‘modernize the Endangered Species Act’. This has led to a significant uproar as those who oppose the legislation believe that it will weaken the protection that it provides, removing necessary protections and leaving these species at a greater risk of extinction.

#4 – A new investigation has discovered that the United States may be the most dangerous developed country to give birth in.

When you are preparing your birth plan, decorating the nursery and getting ready for the arrival of your new bundle of joy, most mothers don’t even give a second thought to the potential risks of childbirth. However, a new investigation conducted by USA Today comes to an alarming conclusion. With the number of injuries and deaths that are recorded as being associated with childbirth in our country, we are arguably the most dangerous developed country for women to give birth in. How big is the problem? More than 50,000 women are said to be severely injured during childbirth while another 700 lost their lives. Much of this, the investigation states, is preventable if we take the time to reassess the rules and producers implemented by doctors and nurses in our country today.

#5 – On July 27th we will experience the longest lunar eclipse to occur in the 21st century.

This is a major astrological phenomenon, and yet so many Americans aren’t even aware of what’s about to go down. Sure, a lunar eclipse isn’t going to have a direct, obvious impact on your financial status or your health and well-being, but this is a once in a century kind of event! The Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 27th will last a total of 3 hours and 55 minutes from start to finish, including the ‘partial eclipse’ phases before and after the total lunar eclipse. Furthermore, if you do believe in the study of astrology, this is an incredibly powerful energy shift!

#6 – Scientists have developed an online calculator that can predict your risk of heart disease.

One of the most important steps in protecting ourselves from life-changing conditions like heart disease lies in our prevention efforts. Imagine knowing which conditions you are truly at risk for, allowing you to adjust your daily habits accordingly. This wild idea is now a reality! An article published in the ‘Canadian Medical Association Journal’ (CMAJ) introduces a new tool in the fight against heart disease, a calculator that uses information such as your ethnicity, lifestyle behaviors, heart age, education and more to determine your true risk of developing cardiovascular problems. The calculator was developed using data collected from 2001 to 2007 and is said to be incredibly easy to use. Introducing this tool into the hands of healthcare professionals could have a significant impact on the future of healthcare!

#7 – Research shows that climate change may actually be impacting our mental health.

The climate change debate is one that everyone has heard of at some point over the last few years, a topic that has a significant impact on the political climate across the globe. However, a new study has introduced a different point for consideration. It reveals new data supporting the idea that there is a direct connection between climate change and rising temperatures, and the suicide rate. In fact, the researchers revealed that with each 1-degree Celsius increase that we may experience in a month’s average temperature, the suicide rates in the United States would also increase. This may provide one explanation for the country’s rising suicide rates.

#8 – A Berlin-based company has introduced a new type of coffee cup made from recycled coffee grounds.

We, as a society, are always looking for new opportunities to ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ in an effort to cut back on the alarming amount of waste that we create. A start-up based out of Berlin called Kaffeform has introduced an incredible new product – coffee cups that are actually constructed using leftover coffee grounds. The cups look pretty impressive, designed to last for years, and are even dishwasher friendly! It’s an invention that could easily revolutionize the café and food industries! The best part, after they are no longer useful, the cups are completely biodegradable.

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