If you were born between April 20 and May 21, congratulations – You’re one of the bulls! Loyal, stable and stubborn to a fault, those born under the sign of Taurus are a special breed!

To the outside world, Taurus comes across as strong, solid and hardworking, willing to take on anything that is thrown their way and excelling at everything that they do. They don’t expect the world to give them anything without first putting the effort forward, more than willing to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. While they don’t put their emotions out there for the world to see, don’t be fooled! Underneath their hard exterior lies a complete teddy bear!

When most people think of the sign Taurus, the only thing that comes to mind is their stubborn nature, but there is so much more to these fiercely loyal individuals (although I am in no way denying they have a mean stubborn streak). They don’t let just anyone into their inner circle, but if you’ve managed to connect with a Taurus then you have a friend for life! Just don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’re ever going to win an argument! After all, they’re always right…

Are you one of the special few? Here are 8 things that only a Taurus will relate to:

#1 – Sometimes you just have to stick to your guns, regardless of what the rest of the world is trying to tell you.

It’s not that you refuse to admit that you may be wrong from time to time (although if the shoe fits) … However, if you have figured out something that works and makes sense, you aren’t going to compromise that for anybody. Others tell you to pick your battles, and you do – you just pick nearly every one of them. It may take some time, but eventually your friends and family will come to realize that there’s no point in trying to change your mind.

#2 – While others may label you as a pessimist, you know you’re just being realistic.

The whole glass half empty/glass half full debate drives you insane. Why? When you lay out the facts others view you as a pessimist, but it’s not that you always believe the worst in every situation. You make your decision based entirely on the facts, and sometimes the facts aren’t going to be all sunshine and roses. This doesn’t’ make you a negative person! You just acknowledge the truth and want to be prepared for the work necessary to make things happen in the face of the challenges life throws your way.

#3 – Not enough people in this world recognize the value of hard work!

We live in a world full of entitled people who believe that everything is going to be handed to them on a silver platter. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Anything worth having in this world is worth working for. The meaning of hard work is something that should be taught starting at a young age and reinforced throughout our lives.

#4 – Sometimes setting expectations for the world around you can lead to nothing but disappointment.

Taurus has incredibly high expectations for the world around them. The reason? You hold the rest of the world to the same standards that you hold yourself. The problem with this is that not everyone is going to be as committed, loyal and hardworking as you are, and when they fall short it leaves you feeling devastated and heartbroken. We live in a flawed society, as hard as that is to accept.

#5 – True success in life is being able to handle everything on your own, rather than requiring the assistance of others.

It’s not that you don’t want other people in your life, in fact, your relationships mean the world to you. However, you pride yourself in being able to handle anything and everything that life throws your way on your own. In fact, you would rather fall on your face while acting independently than succeed solely because you relied on others. Why? If you fall on your face, you’ll learn from your mistake and before you know it, you’ll be back up and doing better than ever. Your motto: Just watch me!

#6 – There is no true relationship without loyalty from both partners.

Relationships are often taken far too lightly, in this age of random hookups and online connections. A real, lasting relationship is going to require commitment and dedication, and above all else complete loyalty from all involved. In fact, if a Taurus has any reason to question the loyalty of a friend or romantic partner, it’s enough to walk away completely.

#7 – In order to succeed in life, we need to make a point of keeping our emotions in check.

While some people wear their heart on their sleeves, sharing their emotions with the rest of the world without hesitation, this isn’t the way of life for a Taurus. Instead, you carefully pick and choose which emotions you feel like sharing as it fits the situation. In most cases, you maintain a strong, calm exterior, saving the emotions for when you have time alone later, if at all. Just be careful that you don’t bury them away, leaving them to fester until you blow up… That never ends well!

#8 – Routines are in place for a reason, why fix something that isn’t broken?

Honestly, if you have figured out what works, and it’s doing the job that you need it to, then why would you change it? We live in a world that appears to be constantly changing, and this is hard for a Taurus to accept. It’s not that we should resist change 100% of the time, but there is a ‘right way’ to do everything in life, and if we’ve already figured it out then why keep throwing that off? It’s a waste of time and energy!

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