While a lot of people like to refer to twin flames as mirrors or other halves to one soul, the way you interpret that is up to you. You may define your twin flame as whatever you wish.

Sure, we hear a lot about the twin flame relationship and the things that go along with finding your twin, but we don’t often hear very much about the synchronistic side of things. Yes, there are lots of synchronistic things involved in finding and being with your twin that you most likely have never even thought about.

When you reunited with your twin flame parts of everything are going to change. Just because you have not yet felt what you are going to feel does not mean it is impossible. Below I am going to go over some of the synchronistic things about twin flames and hopefully help you gain a better understanding.

8 Synchronistic Signs That You Are Reconnecting With Your Twin Flame:

1. You are basically perfect Yin and Yang examples.

You have a lot of differences on the surface but on the inside, you are the same person. You both have the same strengths and the same weaknesses within reason. It’s like you were both made reflecting one another.

2. You feel a strong connection with this person.

The connection you feel is not something that should be ignored. You feel as if this person is someone you have known your whole life even when you just met. You are both really in sync and it feels intense.

3. You can speak to one another without words.

You can talk to each other without having to say anything at all. You both can speak to one another through looks alone. Eye contact is everything.

4. There is some kind of magnetic attraction between the two of you.

You are magnetically drawn to one another. You energies keep pulling you back in and there is no escaping it. This connection is one both parties are feeling without a doubt.

5. You can feel each other’s feelings.

You are able to feel one another’s emotions. Sometimes you might feel down and out for no reason but there is a reason. The more strong this connection becomes the more in tune with one another you will both be.

6. You notice the number 11 a lot.

Technically the number 11 is the number of twin flames. If you are seeing this number a lot it is a sign. The universe is trying to tell you something.

7. You can manifest your most authentic self with this person.

You are able to embody your most true self with this person. he or she brings out the absolute best in you. There is no dark side when this person is around.

8. You are both growing on a personal level.

You are both able to grow together on a personal level. You are changing and becoming more of your real self and in this experiencing a lot. While these changes might be a bit hard to handle they are amazing.

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