Sometimes our minds really do get the best of us. If we are being honest, many of the things we overthink about actually cause us more worry in the end, leading us to stress about events that never happen.

While you may have tried a lot of different tips and tricks to stop overthinking and really quite your mind most won’t make much of a difference. The main issue with reducing the amount of overthinking you are doing is that we tend to suppress instead of resolve. If you lock things away and do not work through them, they will just come right back up when you are least expecting them.

Below I am going to go over some of the best tips I have come across in regards to quieting the mind that ACTUALLY work. Doing all of these things, rather than just one of them, will truly make a difference in the level of stress you’re facing. The more you allow yourself to face things and work through them the better. You can’t just hide from the things bothering you and expect your mind to forget about them, it just doesn’t work that way.

8 Tips For Quieting Your Mind:

1. Focus on direct experience depending on the situation.

Think about your thoughts for a moment. Make sure none of what you are obsessing over is fabricated. Sometimes our minds get away from us and we have to remind ourselves of the truth. If you’re planning for the worst, slow down, it hasn’t happened yet and still might not.

2. Do not forget to relax your breathing.

If you’re not paying attention to your breathing, you are doing things all wrong. If you’re worked up relaxing your breathing and getting yourself to normal before anything else is crucial. Calm your physical body and then work on your mind.

3. Isolate the obsession for once, don’t let it branch out.

Don’t let your obsession or thoughts jump out of control to begin with. Isolate the thought before it spins out of control. You have to really break things down and get to the root. Sure, you feel ugly right now but why?

Where did this feeling come from and why are you obsessing? Yes, that’s right you’re having a bad hair day. Isolate and work through. One bad hair day doesn’t make you unattractive.

4. Try to be more mindful in general.

Spend more time in the present moment. This one will be easier said than done, yes. However, you can do it. Practice mindfulness as often as you possibly can.

5. Visualize through meditation instead of merely meditating in general.

Some people do not have much luck with meditation and I have found that is because they are not finding the way that works best for them. Some people like to sit in silence and think of nothing whereas others can’t do that. When I am overthinking using my mind’s eye as a distraction helps tremendously. Focus on the things you are seeing all the while having your worldly eyes closed.

6. Do what needs to be done, getting through it will keep it off your mind.

If something is bothering you to the point where it is keeping you up, resolve the issue. Do whatever it is you need to do to get this off of your mind. Ignoring the problem won’t do anyone any good.

7. Determine which thoughts are helpful and which are not.

Figure out what thoughts are benefiting you and which ones are holding you back. Let go of some of them. The more you are able to let go of the better.

8. Talk things over with someone you trust.

If you can’t quiet your mind, getting someone to talk things over with you might work wonders. Find someone you trust and share things with them. Figure out a solution together.


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