At some point in life, we all reach that unf*!kwithable status. We become someone who stands up for his or herself, and we don’t let this world bring us down.

Being unf*!kwithable is a lot more than most people think. It is not about power over others but power over yourself. If you are unf*!kwithable you are able to face this world with confidence even in your most at risk moments. If you want to know whether or not you are an unf*!kwithable person see if the following signs apply to you.

8 Signs You Are An Unf*!kwithable Person:

1. You are working to better yourself.

When we are working to become who we are supposed to be we are unstoppable. We are allowing our energy to move forward and flow positively. You won’t have time to deal with any drama.

2. You know when to break the rules.

Sometimes in life, we are given unrealistic or unnecessary rules. While not all rules need to be broken, if you know which ones to break life is a lot easier. You are not afraid to rattle a few cages when need be.

3. You are forgiving.

There is a lot of power that comes from being a forgiving person. We tend to hold onto grudges for far too long, and that can be unhealthy. Let go and forgive those who have wronged you even if they don’t deserve it.

4. You do not seek validation.

Some of the strongest people fall victim to this. It is one of the most common weak points. You should only be seeking validation from within. The opinions of others should not matter.

5. You face your fears.

When you are afraid of something you do not run from it. We all too often stay inside our little box thinking the world is out to get us. This forces us to miss out on lots of things we would have enjoyed or learned from.

6. You only focus on the things you have control over.

If something is out of your control it doesn’t deserve space inside of your mind. You are getting things done and making sure everything you can do is carried out properly. Sure, if you could change that something you would but, you can’t. You have accepted that if something is out of your control it is someone else’s problem.

7. You know your worth.

Knowing your worth is extremely important. Self-worth makes you completely unf*!kwithable. You see, as humans if we truly value ourselves no one can bring that value down.

8. You do not allow toxic people to remain in your life.

When someone who happens to be toxic shows up you kick them right on out of your life. This life is yours and you will not have toxic individuals bringing you down. We all deserve to live the lives we want to live.

Are you unf*!kwithable? If the things above don’t sound like you then you should work at them. Once you master those things no one else’s opinion or bullshit will be able to get in your way.

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