Alpha males are natural leaders. They really stand out above the rest and provide a true sense of protection to their pack, not everyone can be a true alpha male.

However, not being an alpha male is sometimes a good thing. Alpha males have a lot to deal with and must remain on guard at all times. While they are laid-back for the most part there is still something about them that seems forced. Below I am going to go over the signs that indicate you are not an alpha male but as I said, don’t assume it is a bad thing.

8 Signs You Are Not An Alpha Male:

1. You don’t know how to admit when you are wrong.

You aren’t necessarily someone that likes to admit when you have made a mistake. While Alpha’s are not always good at this they do always do it. They own up to their mistakes and apologize when it is needed.

2. You never think things through.

You don’t often think before you act. This gets you into a lot of misunderstandings. People don’t know how to take you and you are always messing up.

3. You complain a lot.

Alpha’s don’t complain. Even if they don’t want to do something they do it without whining. You, on the other hand, are not capable of doing so.

4. You care far too much what others think.

Alpha’s don’t give a shit what the people around them think for the most part. They do what they need to do and continue on as they should. You seek approval from just about everyone in your circle.

5. Your self-esteem is lacking.

You don’t have any self-esteem. You let the way you feel get the best of you and your confidence is nonexistent. This can be a very troubling thing to deal with.

6. You do not know how to act in tense situations.

You don’t know how to handle yourself in tense situations. When things get rough you end up causing more harm than good. You cannot process what is going on.

7. You aren’t very competitive.

You don’t really care who wins or loses, but the Alpha always feels like he has to win. You cannot get anything over on the Alpha.

8. You do not like to take control.

The Alpha is always in control and you are not about that. You prefer to go with the flow and let things happen as they are going to. Nothing really gets you excited to take the lead. You’d rather not have that responsibility.

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