It’s a group of people that were once incredibly well-known but have now been largely forgotten in our modern society – the awakened individuals known as lightworkers, star seeds, indigos or Earth angels. They are spiritual beings that were sent to walk among us with a specific purpose in this world – to heal, teach, counsel, and enlighten all those who are willing to hear their message.

To the untrained eye, they look no different from you and I. In fact, they may be your friends, family members, co-workers, or neighbors, walking among us completely unnoticed.

Have you ever felt as though you had a deeper sense of purpose in this life? While you may not completely understand your destiny, a lightworker often feels as though they are part of something so much bigger than themselves and the world that they live in. If you feel that this may describe you, then read on to discover whether you are actually an Earth Angel.

8 Signs You Are an Earth Angel Sent to Bring Healing to The World:

#1 – They are blessed with an incredibly strong sense of intuition.

Rather than making their decisions in life based on logic and reason, these individuals trust their intuition to guide them throughout their journey in this life. They not only have a strong inner voice but if they trust and listen to it, their intuition has proven itself to be incredibly accurate and trustworthy.

#2 – They care deeply and passionately for the people around them.

There is nothing that they wouldn’t do to help someone in need, even if it meant a great sacrifice on their own part. Lightworkers are called to bring healing, positivity, and love to the world, and this is the number one priority in their lives. Seeing the pain and suffering of others breaks their heart, and they will go to great lengths to provide solace and comfort.

#3 – They are often referred to as an ‘old soul.’

Lightworkers possess a wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the world that extends beyond their years. Their understanding of the greater Universe and the way that the world today is just one small piece of the puzzle allows them to see situations in life through a unique lens.

#4 – They are incredibly sensitive to violence and hatred.

Tragic events are difficult for anyone to accept, but they are even more difficult for these blessed individuals. They aren’t just upset by what they see on the television or throughout social media, they are completely overwhelmed. Unable to wrap their head around the vast amount of hatred in our world today, they will try to hide away from the world in the safety of their own room for most of their lives, unable to handle all of the negativity.

#5 – They feel as though they have a purpose in life.

Many people will live their entire lives with no idea of what they are actually meant to do during their time here on Earth, wandering aimlessly. This isn’t the case for a lightworker. While they may not know at first exactly what their purpose is, they know that they have been sent here for a specific purpose. As they investigate their feelings and passions in life, they will slowly unfold the truth about why they are here.

#6 – They often experience vivid, detailed and life-like dreams.

Spiritual guardians and beings will often use dreams and daydreams in order to relay important messages and life lessons to those of us here on Earth. While many of us will receive these messages at one time or another in our lives, lightworkers are more in tune with the Universe and will receive messages on a regular basis.

#7 – They genuinely treasure and enjoy their alone time.

While lightworkers enjoy being around people, after all, they have been sent to spread love and healing, this calling can be incredibly draining. When they find themselves completely worn out and unable to continue, alone time provides them with the necessary opportunity to rest and recharge, preparing themselves for all that is to come.

#8 – They aren’t interested in conforming to modern ideals and expectations.

Try as they might, they just can’t wrap their head around the way that the world works today. From the way that we become so obsessed with material possessions to the destruction of the environment, the incredible amount of waste in our daily lives to the fast-paced future career-driven society that fails to treasure the moment, they just don’t ‘get it.’ Others may refer to them as hippies or tree huggers – they just can’t help but see the possibility of a better, more civilized society.

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