As I have said many times over each zodiac sign is very different from the rest but it seems there are some that have traits in common. Out of the 12 signs, there are 8 that just tend to give far more than they should.

Now, if your sign isn’t on this list, that doesn’t mean you are selfish just that you aren’t quite as selfless. Please remember there are, of course, some exceptions to this even the most stereotypical signs have their black horses. That all being said, take a look below to see if your sign made the list.


While you are a bit stubborn and can be quick to anger you do care deeply for those close to you. You give a lot to the people who are in your circle and if they try to take advantage of you for a while you will let them. While being selfless is not something most people would think you are, you really are but only to specific people.


You are a very sensitive person, and you let people piling things up on you constantly. You don’t know how to say ‘no’ and because your heart is so big you never truly stop to consider your own feelings in the ways that you do everyone else’s. Being selfless for you comes with a price, you need to put more into yourself than you do others.


You are the only sign that really takes the time to truly root for the underdog. You believe in justice big time and when it comes to helping others you only help the people who deserve it. If someone needs you, you are always there.


You are a very critical person but you do care deeply. You take care of the people around you. You would literally give the shirt off of your back if it was needed. When you see someone in need it makes you feel compelled to do something.


You are selfless with those you love. Your romantic partner sees sides of you that everyone else doesn’t realize exist. You give and give, and depending on the relationship this could be a good thing or a bad thing but if your partner is not giving back in return your heart will end up in pain. Emotional pain is something that plagues you because of your kind heart.


You are someone that just about everyone goes to for advice or a ride when they need it. You are usually pretty willing to provide help when it is reasonable. That being said, you aren’t going to go out of your way to completely cancel your plans and waste time on someone that isn’t willing to do the same for you.


You are someone that never says yes to something you cannot follow through with. You don’t mind helping others and go out of your way to do so when it is someone who truly needs it. You are not the kind of person that ignores those on the street suffering.


You are someone that is quite reserved and imaginative but that doesn’t mean you don’t stick up for those who refuse to speak out for themselves. If someone is being bullied or put down you will be more than glad to stand up for them. You also give far too much and even when someone has completely shattered you are still there when they call you in the middle of the night.

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