Men fall in love for a lot of different reasons. Sure, he may be interested in you but once he has fallen for you, you will know.

I know these reasons may not quite be what you were expecting but they are all true. If there is a man in your life and you think he is falling for you, it is likely for these reasons. Men fall in love in different ways than women do and it is something we need to be more aware of.

8 Reasons Why He Is Falling in Love With You:

1. He feels good when he is with you.

When someone makes us feel good we want to be around them even more. If someone makes us happy, we are more likely to fall for them. If you make him feel accepted and loved he will give the same back to you.

2. He believes you have everything he has been looking for.

You captivate him. You have the looks he likes, the personality he is drawn to, and even your voice is soothing to him. Men are drawn in by women that they find enticing and enticing is different from one man to another. While it may sound a bit unexpected, men aren’t going to just fall head over heels from the first moment they see you. They have to get to know you as you would get to know them as well.

3. He believes he makes you happy.

When he knows he is making you happy it will make him happy in return. Men and women both like to know that they are wanted and that their presence is important. If you make him feel important he will fall for you.

4. You push him to be the best version of himself.

He falls for you because you make him into someone better without changing who he is. You know his dreams and goals and want to see him succeed. When people push us to be who we were meant to be we tend to prefer them over others.

5. You fit into his life well.

You both have things in common and are headed in the same direction. You are both at a place in your lives where a future is very possible. It isn’t one of those cases where you both have to push too hard and force things to work.

6. He feels comfortable around her.

If he can be himself on a deeper level around you then you are already ahead of the game. He is able to open up and be who he truly is. You are able to see his vulnerable side.

7. He knows you are honest with him.

Honesty is important in relationships. Men and women both want a partner who is going to tell them the truth and be there when they are needed. If he knows you are honest he will fall even deeper in love with you.

8. You can actually talk to one another.

He loves being able to actually talk about things that matter with you. Have you ever noticed those couples that have nothing in common and can hardly carry a conversation together? Those couples don’t last long now, do they? This is why. You have to be able to communicate with one another for both parties to fall head over heels.


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