Sometimes the fact that you love someone is not enough to make the relationship worth staying in. Breakups happen each and every day, you can love someone with all of your heart and still know that being together is not right for either of you.

Relationships require a lot of work from all of the people involved. You cannot build a house in one day and if one person is putting forth all the effort the foundation itself is going to crumble eventually. Just because you want to be with someone does not mean they are the right person for you and just because you are scared of being lonely does not mean that dealing with any kind of toxicity is worth it.

Women leave men that they love a lot in this day and age, women are learning that just because you care for someone does not mean that you should let them walk all over you. There are tons of reasons why women leave the men they love. Below I am going to go over some of those reasons but at the end of the day it all boils down to doing what is best for you.

8 Reasons Why Women Sometimes Leave The Men They Love:

1. He was not emotionally invested.

If he was not emotionally or is not emotionally invested in the relationship then she is not going to feel the things she needs to feel. She needs to feel loved and cared for if she is going to stay. Someone who is too closed off is not going to be able to open up to her in the ways she needs him to, whether she loves him or not sometimes it is a barrier that cannot be broken.

2. He was holding her back.

Sometimes we find ourselves falling in love with people that want to control us or just people who don’t really push us to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be. If he was or is holding her back, even if she loves him she might still feel that it is reason enough to leave. She has a life to live and she should not be forced to give that up if she does not want to.

3. He would not really take the time to listen to her.

In some relationships, one partner refuses to listen to the other. This is a very common issue and really damns plenty of relationships that would work well otherwise. If he refused to sit down and hear her out when she was upset then she probably wasn’t getting what she needed from him.

4. He did not support her dreams.

If he didn’t/doesn’t support her in all that she does then she doesn’t need to keep him around. If she is helping him push towards his goals he should be doing the same with her. Being in a good relationship means both parties are able to follow their dreams together and grow along the way. She might want things to work with all of her heart but in the end, she should not be giving up her dreams for someone that doesn’t even want to see her achieve them in the first place.

5. He never made her feel special.

If he never made her feel special then she probably thought the opposite. You see, she might have thought he was the world but he probably made her feel like a nuisance in his life. We all want to feel wanted and when that doesn’t happen sometimes moving on is the best option.

6. He was not physically present.

If he was too far away from her physically or refused to take care of her physical needs then she might have decided that breaking up was the best option for her. She has to do what is best for her and no one should make her feel bad for it. You never know what is really going on behind closed doors.

7. She got bored and needed something more.

She might get bored and he might just not be what she wants anymore and that is fine. She doesn’t have to stay in a relationship that doesn’t make her feel happy just because she loves the person.

8. He refused to communicate with her.

If he refused to open up and talk to her about the problems they were having in their relationship it might have driven her away. She might love him but she has to draw the line somewhere. You can only let someone shut you down so many times before you realize that you are not the problem anymore.

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