Sure, we all have our ups and downs but highly intelligent people tend to have more downs than ups. They really struggle with happiness and for some of them, it can be quite devastating.

While they may seem like they have the perfect lives and are all put together most of them are bursting at the seams. Just because someone looks like they have a perfect life doesn’t mean they do. Perfection does not exist in this world in any form. If you are someone with high intelligence, the following things might be part of why you are struggling with happiness so much. While becoming aware of these things will not fix them, it will put you in the position to make some changes.

8 Reasons Why Intelligent People Struggle With Happiness:

1. They overthink literally everything.

Intelligent people overthink everything. They think things through big time and even things that don’t require much thought get a lot of thought. This leaves them questioning far more than they should.

2. They are never satisfied.

Because intelligent people are never truly satisfied their happiness is short-lived. They move from one thing to the next quickly and never give themselves much room to enjoy it. This is a neverending cycle.

3. They tend to be a bit demanding of others.

Intelligent people are a bit more demanding of others than they should be. This sometimes isolates them. While they like the company sometimes people don’t want to be around them

4. Their standards are a bit too high.

Some intelligent people set unrealistic standards or expectations. This sets them up for disappointment. While it isn’t always as bad usually it sucks on some level.

5. They tend to be misunderstood by others.

People don’t usually understand intelligent people. Usually, they are quite misunderstood and this causes them to isolate themselves. Whether they want it to be this way or not it just is.

6. They stress out over just about everything.

Intelligent people tend to stress out a lot more than most people. They let any and everything get to them. Even the smallest thing can set them off.

7. They don’t mind being alone.

Sure, they are social people but being alone is what they are used to. Being alone means not having to deal with being misunderstood. They don’t always feel great about it but they will rarely ever try to change it.

8. They are too strict on themselves.

Intelligent people are usually too hard on themselves. They think they have to be perfect and in the end disappoint themselves over and over. It is not a pretty situation.

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