Have you ever met someone who was so kind and generous only to watch the world tear them apart?

Even the most amazing people can turn into monsters. Once the world begins wearing us down, there is a point where we all shatter and turn into something we never thought we would be. Does being a monster make us bad people though? I don’t believe that it does, I believe it means we are merely straying and need to work through things.

Below you will find a list of things that can and usually do turn good people into monsters. While these things may not seem like much to you at some point they will be a big deal. Everyone has their own limits.

8 Things That Turn Good People Into Real Life Monsters:

1. Giving too much to people who do not appreciate them

Good people tend to give freely. They are not the kind of people who ever ask for anything in return. Sometimes they give far too much to those who do not care about them. This only sets them up to be disappointed when things go downhill.

2. Not getting the alone time they need

We all need alone time. The less alone time they get the more stressed they become. When it comes to being alone there is no better time to recharge.

3. Holding onto grudges

Holding onto grudges is something that will ruin a person’s life. Lots of good people hold onto grudges for too long. They think at some point they will get even and by the time things do happen they have already forgotten why they were mad in the first place.

4. Bottling their emotions

When we bottle our emotions we are refusing to feel. This is a very serious problem with many people of the world in current times. Allow yourself to feel the things you need to feel. Accept your emotions and move on from them, do not bottle them.

5. Letting things get to them on a level we should not

Good people sometimes let the things other people do irritate them a bit too much. Your life is your life and everyone else’s lives are not your own. Just relax and let things happen.

6. Feeling like they are going nowhere

Good people often feel stuck where they are or in what they are doing. They don’t think there is a way out, and they don’t feel like they are doing anything meaningful. This can cause even some of the strongest people to break.

7. Being bullied

Being bullied will bring out the beast in most of us. Bullying happens to people of all ages and in many different aspects of life. If you are being bullied, do something about it.

8. Anger

Anger makes us all do stupid things. Good people, I have noticed tend to also have quite the temper. This temper can get them in some deep trouble from time to time though.

Be careful about who you let into your life and remember that self-care is important above all else. Do not let the things listed above be the reasons why you turn into a monster. You are capable of doing wonderful things for this world.

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