She isn’t one to be missed over overlooked – the strong and confident alpha woman. When she enters a room, heads turn, and jaws drop, demanding respect and admiration from everyone around her.

She is dominating corporate America, winning cases in the courtroom, breaking sales goals, inspiring the next generation through their education and maintaining an immaculate home. Regardless of what she has chosen to do with her life, she does it with style, flair and a smile on her face.

If you are lucky enough to have an alpha woman in your life, take a moment to appreciate just how lucky you are. She has the world at her fingertips, and she has chosen to share it with you. She’s an incredible teammate, fun travel companion, passionate lover and a walking inspiration. She will ensure that your life is always moving forward, and never boring – keeping you on your toes. If you are dating an alpha woman, buckle up and prepare yourself for one of the wildest, and at the same time most rewarding, rides of your life!

8 Reasons an Alpha Woman is The Best Girlfriend You Will Ever Have:

#1 – She will push you to be the best version of yourself.

An alpha woman is never happy just accepting where she is at in life. Instead, she is constantly pushing forward, trying to be the best version of who she can be. If you enter into a relationship with an alpha woman she will push you to run with her, motivating you to grow and evolve.

#2 – She chooses to see the positive side of life.

In a world full of both highs and lows, an alpha woman chooses to focus her attention on the positive side of life. She understands that you attract what you focus on most and refuses to waste her time on negativity. Instead, she finds the hope in even the darkest of times, radiating joy and happiness and lighting up every room that she walks into.

#3 – She is incredibly self-sufficient, not necessarily ‘needing’ you in her life.

If you are in a relationship with an alpha woman, it’s not because she needs you in her life. Instead, she has made the conscious choice to want you in her life, seeing you as a fun complement to her already complete self. She is independent and confident, standing proudly in who she is while welcoming you to stand by her side.

#4 – She is incredibly loyal and won’t give up on her relationship.

An alpha woman isn’t quick to get into a relationship ever, incredibly selective about who she is going to allow into her inner circle. If, however, she does open the door and allow you in, know that she will be nothing short of loyal and devoted. She will move mountains for those that she holds dear, putting everything that she has into her relationships.

#5 – She doesn’t waste her time sugar coating, hinting, or beating around the bush.

If an alpha woman wants to tell you something, she will be clear, direct and to the point. Rather than wasting her time on potential miscommunication or pointless drama, she is going to tell it to you exactly like it is and save herself from wasted time and energy. While this may take getting used to (after all, it is the exact opposite of the usual stereotype), but once you do, you will realize how much drama this will eliminate from your life.

#6 – She is aware of what she wants and isn’t afraid to make the first move.

The alpha woman breaks the stereotype of the shy, reserved female waiting for a strong man to sweep in and make the first move. She refuses to be held back and is anything but shy! If there is anything that she wants in this life, then she will go for it without hesitation. While she understands that she will have to take risks, she isn’t afraid to put herself out there.

#7 – She is willing to stand her ground, refusing to back down.

Life isn’t always easy, regardless of who you are. It is during the darkest times that you most want your partner by your side, and an alpha woman certainly isn’t going to let you down. She will stand up to whatever challenges or difficulties that you both face, supporting you, encouraging you and readily fighting by your side. This woman is no damsel in distress!

#8 – She refuses to let herself go.

When you meet an alpha woman, she will always appear put together and in control of her world. Whether she’s dominating the boardroom in her favorite power suit, or simply relaxing with a girlfriend over coffee – she will still take the time to ensure that she looks her best. This attention to self-care goes deeper than just appearance, as she takes the necessary time to ensure that her health is always a priority, focusing on her diet and fitness.

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