Back pain is an extremely common problem in the world today. Whether you’re facing lower back pain, upper back pain, or both it can be in some cases literally crippling.

For some people it is constant and for others, it comes in waves or episodes. Some of the symptoms that come with it are muscle aches, pain that shoots down the leg, pain when bending, pain when walking or standing, and even pain that might improve when you recline. Regardless, you have to pay attention to it and begin to work through it as soon as you notice it. If you ignore it, it will only get worse.

While in severe cases seeing a doctor and getting some kind of treatment there is necessary but a lot of the time you can resolve things through home treatment and natural means. That being said, if you try the natural methods below and they do not help please do not be afraid to see a doctor. Sometimes the underlying cause of back pain can be things like bladder issues or serious injury which might require something much more intense.

8 Natural Ways to Heal Back Problems:

1. Capsaicin Cream

Now, while over the counter capsaicin cream might not be 100 percent natural, you can make your own if you would like. Click here if you want to make your own. For this, you will only need cayenne powder and some kind of oil. I have found that coconut oil works best. You will once you’ve made it need to apply it to the pained area at least 4 times a day.

This works because capsaicin helps with pain management. It also works wonders on arthritis so if you’re dealing with that we’ve got you covered. This cream really comes in handy just be careful to not get it in your eyes by accident, always wash your hands.

2. Acupuncture

According to MayoClinic, many people with chronic back pain have used acupuncture to reduce or relieve their pain. Acupuncture for those who do not know involves inserting very thin needles into different parts of the body at different depths. If you aren’t interested in acupuncture acupressure might be a good alternative.

3. Yoga

When it comes to using yoga to help with back pain you’re going to want to focus on maintaining the natural curves of your spine. Poses like the cat pose or cow pose are some that many people thing helps tremendously. That being said, you should also try out some hip openers and perhaps mild twists or forward bends.

4. Cold Therapy

Having an ice massage might be beneficial to a lot of people. This works wonders on those whose pain stems from muscle strain. This is merely applying cold to the area in the form of a bag of ice or well, anything else.

5. Tai Chi

Tai chi for those who do not know, is a form of exercise that helps with both neck and back pain. It is a deliberate slow movement and while some may think it’s silly is very useful. It is non-invasive and gentle enough on the spine for those who struggle with other things to be able to accomplish.

6. Heating Pads

Sometimes when cold doesn’t work, heat can provide relief. When you notice the pain coming, place a heating pad on the affected area. Be still and let it work for you. This will provide most with short-term relief.

7. Massage Therapy

If tension is causing your pain a good massage will work wonders. This will reduce that tension and open things back up. While for some it makes things worse for most this really hits the spot.

8. Hot Baths (With Epsom Salt)

When you soak in Epsom salt your body is absorbing the minerals within the water. This will help you relax and also loosen stiff joints and muscles. That, in the end, will also help reduce back pain.


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