Sure, we can have tons of different personality traits, but have you ever noticed that there are a few that truly define a person? Some personality traits are just far more dominant than others.

For myself, I believe my most dominant personality trait is how outspoken I am. This sort of thing varies from person to person. Some people are more outspoken than others where-as the rest may even be more opportunistic than others. The list truly does go on forever. With that being said, below you will find a list of the most common dominant personality traits I have noticed throughout my interactions with those in my life.

While some of these will be from the big five others you may not quite think about often. People come in all different kinds of ways and their personalities are quite unique. No one is ever the same which makes this quite fascinating to me. Please remember these are in no specific order.

8 Most Dominant Personality Traits:

1. Resilience

I feel like there are some people in life who are just far more resilient than they need to be. Do you know anyone like this? They bounce back from things they should be upset over and nothing ever seems to get them down.

2. Conscientiousness

These people are far more aware of the things around them than the rest. They are careful and get things done properly, always. They work hard and are quite easy-going. I know lots of people who are quite conscientious.

3. Extraversion

We all have a ‘party friend’ who fits this description. This person is one of the most socially active people we will ever come across. Their life is all about spending time with other people. This could also go in the opposite direction in regards to introversion.

4. Curiosity

Curiosity killed the cat, right? Well, it seems curious people are a little more capable. These people are always going out of their way to learn new things. I consider these people to be the modern bookworm with or without the books. They are also a bit odd which is still true to the word curious in itself.

5. Neuroticism

People with a lot of this trait within are more moody and anxious than the rest. I feel like I could also throw myself into this category as well. They are always worried about something and tend to become frustrated quite easily

6. Rationality

My mom is too rational, I have found lots of teachers in my past to be this way as well. Everything has to stem from a reason or add up to logic. These people never want to see things from a different perspective

7. Hatefulness

There are tons of people in this world who are full of hate. I know several. These people believe that the world owes them something and they tend to dislike most others. No matter how hard you try nothing you do is ever good enough for these hateful people.

8. Compassionate

Compassionate people are people who care for others. They pity those who are considered ‘unfortunate.’ This is both a good thing and a bad thing depending on how dominant this dominant trait is in a person’s life.

Do you feel like these are the most dominant traits of the people in your life as well? If you could add one trait to this list which one would you add? I for one think it is quite complete.

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