When it comes to meditating and working with energy, in general, it is extremely important to ensure you are setting your intentions. You see one of the main places people ‘mess up’ is setting their intent.

You have to truly believe in what you are saying. Merely stating your intent is not going to do much at all. Sure, words have power but not if they hold no meaning. If you think it is truly impossible then it will still remain as such.

If you don’t ask you will never receive. Believing in yourself and your inner power will benefit you greatly. We are all capable of amazing things.

8 Ways to Ensure Your Intentions Are Truly Set:

1. Make your intentions known.

Making your intentions known is a bit more frustrating than it sounds but is well worth it. Tell other people what it is you are working towards. Bring life to your plan.

2. Believe in yourself.

Believe in who you are and the power within. There is a lot going on inside of you and you need to understand how magical that truly is. You are capable of greatness.

3. Work towards your goals.

If during your day to day life you do things that may help bring life to your intentions you will get things done much more quickly. Working hard and trying is going to make a big difference. While you can manifest things that does not mean there are no steps in-between.

4. Write your intentions down.

Write your intentions down, repeatedly. Get them out and let your heart become open. Put this somewhere you can see it and read it every single day.

5. Repeat your intentions when you notice synchronicity in your life.

For instance, if you see the number 11:11 or something of the sort repeat your intent. Repeating it during times like this makes a big difference in the power it holds. You make things more real when you couple them with the universe’s messages.

6. Say them until you believe them.

State your intentions over and over again. Really let them sink in. Your intentions are going to push you the more you begin to believe in them.

7. Meditate on your intent.

Meditation is important for just about everything. When in doubt meditate, you will figure everything out. Nothing is as hard as it seems to be.

8. Set a realistic intention.

To begin with set your intentions on a small scale, let your mind see that this truly works and go from there. It is much easier than it seems. From this point, you can grow more and more.

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