Emotional manipulation is far too common in this day and age. People are constantly using one another and trying to get ahead all the while really tearing the people who care for them down.

When it comes to relationships be them romantic or not you need to know who should and shouldn’t be kept close. There are some pretty horrible people in this world and if the following red flags are flying high you should probably pay attention to them. If someone is doing or making you feel as listed below, cut them out of your life.

8 Signs You Are Being Emotionally Manipulated:

1. This person makes everything about them.

This person always makes everything about his or herself and never takes anyone else into account. This person is selfish and rude and no matter what the situation they always turn things around to be about themselves.  They always make everything about them even when it has nothing to do with them.

2. This person is quick to anger.

This person jumps right into anger when you don’t do what he or she wants. They are quite volatile and tend to really get under your skin with it. They will literally throw a tantrum when they aren’t getting their way.

3. This person is always doing his or her best to make you feel insecure.

This person is always saying and doing things that make you feel bad. He or she uses your insecurities against you and really makes sure that you are not confident. This is NEVER okay.

4. You feel pretty emotional when it comes to this person be it emotional pain or merely some kind of annoyed feeling.

This person really makes you emotional whether those emotions are overly negative or merely confusing. You just cannot catch a break. They really know how to get you worked up.

5. You feel drained whenever you are around this person.

This person really makes you feel drained. He or she sucks all of the energy out of you. You literally need time alone to recharge after being around him or her.

6. This person doesn’t care about your feelings.

This person doesn’t care how he or she makes you feel. This person is always bringing you down and stepping on you to move further in his or her life. They don’t respect you in the ways you most likely respect them.

7. This person tends to give you the silent treatment when you don’t do what he or she wants you to do.

This person is constantly giving you the silent treatment. He or she makes you feel like you’ve done something terrible even when you haven’t. No matter what you do if it isn’t what they want you to do they are not satisfied.

8. This person is always playing the victim.

This person always plays the victim. He or she acts as if everything bad that happens is happening to them whether it is or isn’t. When they do something wrong they still somehow make it out to be your fault and as if something bad is happening to them.

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