8 Kinds Of Toxic People Who Will Drain You Of Your Vital Energy

Toxic people are all around us, and they will do all they can to bring us down if we allow them to do so. Some of them are aware of what they are doing and others are not, regardless though, they are all pretty damn frustrating.

Some of these toxic people will attack you verbally and others you may not even realize are attacking you. Knowing what kinds of toxic people there are and how they act can help you to identify them before things get to a seriously draining point. While sometimes these people can be those who are very close to you, cutting them out is the best way to resolve your problems.

Below I am going to go over the kinds of people that are more than ready and willing to drain your energy and well, everyone else’s. These people are energy vampires in some of their most raw forms. Even the smallest interactions with these people can have a huge negative impact on your life.

8 Kinds Of Toxic People Who Will Drain You Of Your Life Energy If You Let Them:

1. People who are overly defensive.

If someone is constantly being defensive, there is a reason for it. When it comes to being criticized they cannot handle it and shut down. These people will leave you feeling as if you have no energy left.

2. People who complain all the time.

Believe it or not, chronic complainers can and will take a serious toll on you. The more people complain, the lower they bring the people around them. If you want to stay in good spirits being around someone who complains a lot is not something you should be doing.

3. People who lash out emotionally.

If someone lashes out emotionally, they will make you feel like shit. Sure, sometimes this is not something we can avoid but if they are lashing out all the time they are going to have you walking on eggshells.

4. People who criticize others ALL THE TIME.

If someone is constantly criticizing you don’t waste your time on them. They will just drain you as much as they can and leave you feeling like shit. These people want to build themselves up by tearing others down.

5. People who never take responsibility.

If someone refuses to take responsibility for their own actions it can make you feel quite overwhelmed. The more you let these feelings build up, the worse they will be. This is not healthy, never take responsibility for something someone else has done, make them own up to their shit.

6. People who are too worried about their ‘image.’

Sometimes we get caught up in material things and how others think. Of course, that is normal, but these people do so to an extreme extent. These people are obsessed with being perfect and will stop at nothing to get where they want to be. Spending any amount of time with people like this will have you a bit sluggish and annoyed.

7. People who are always playing the victim.

People who play the victim all the time should not hold space in our lives. They are only seeking attention and trying to cast blame on others. Do not let someone put something on you that was not your fault. Do not give these people power over you.

8. People who say one thing and do another.

Hypocrites are some of the worst toxic people there are. They will confuse you and have you thinking they are your best friend only to go and talk shit behind your back. Being crossed like this will drain you whether you realize it or not. All of these things contribute to a loss of self and that is not something you want to go through.

Image via Sheila K

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