8 Easy Ways to Spot The Difference Between A Twin Flame and a False Twin Flame Relationship

For those who do not know, a twin flame relationship is a little different from a soulmate relationship. The twin flame relationship is a divine union with a very deep purpose, and finding your twin flame is literally finding the other half of your soul.

That being said, lots of people confuse normal relationships, soulmate relationships, and other things of the sort with twin flame relationships. This is where things get a bit tricky. You see, the twin flame relationship is so much different than anything else you will ever experience. False flame relationships may seem like something amazing but as things unravel you will begin to notice the cracks in things.

When we misinterpret our relationships we are setting ourselves up for a major disappointment. No relationship is perfect and of course, there will be tons of hard times even with a real twin flame relationship but you need to be sure what you have is a twin flame relationship before trying to label it as such. Please take a look at the list below and see if you have been confusing what you have as a twin flame.

8 East to Spot Differences Between A Twin Flame and a False Twin Relationship:

1. With a false flame relationship, you may at some point feel like your partner doesn’t really care, with a twin flame you know deep down that your partner does no matter what. No matter how terrible times are and how at each other’s throats you get, you always know they truly care.

2. When you are questioning whether or not your ‘twin’ is your ‘twin’ it means you’re probably dealing with a false flame. While the relationship may still be special when you truly have a twin flame in your life it will feel ‘different.’ The twin flame connection is like nothing you have ever felt before, I cannot stress that enough.

3. If you are in a false flame relationship your values will clash big time. You see, twin flames being our other halves, literally, want the same things that we do in most ways. If you don’t want kids your twin flame is most likely not going to either.

4. When you are in a false flame relationship things will constantly feel as if they are slipping through your fingers. A real twin flame relationship is something you know is constant connection wise whether you end up together in the end or not. Your real twin flame will make you feel loved on a level you have never felt before.

5. If you are in a real twin flame relationship you will truly accept one another. In a false flame, there are specific rules and so forth for you to be able to accept one another. While rules are important they have no place when it comes to accepting one another.

6. You bring out the best in one another when you are in a true twin flame relationship. False flames are nothing more than pretending to be perfect in the public eye and cracking behind closed doors. While things are not always going to be perfect in a twin flame relationship things will never be fake.

7. False twin relationships are more about sex than most. If you are in a real twin flame relationship while sex is a plus it is not all the relationship is about. Sadly in this day and age, we seem to mistake sex for love far too often.

8. The ego dominates the false flame and as time goes by it only gets worse. If you are in a real twin flame relationship there is no ego blocking the heart from opening up fully. Your real twin flame will want to be on the same page as you.

Don’t try to rush things, your twin flame will come when the time is right. You will know when you have met the other half of your soul, trust me.

(Featured Image Credit: Dry89/deviantart)

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