For those who might not be aware, there are 16 different types of personalities. The rarest of these types is the INFJ personality type, so it only seems right that some of their traits might contradict other aspects.

INFJs are people who are sensitive yet forceful and quite unique, to say the least. They are all about getting things done but also know how to relax. This is one of the rarest personality types but also easily the most special of them all. Below I am going to go over some of the contradicting traits that come with being an INFJ. If you relate to these, you might have a much more peculiar personality than you would have noted before.

8 Traits of the INFJ Personality That Are Quite Contradicting:

1. They crave alone time, while maintaining a social persona as well.

They love spending time with people and going out but they also really enjoy being alone. They don’t just prefer one or the other. They do both well.

2. They are creative but also quite empirical.

Sure, they are practical people but they are also very creative. They go out of their way to get things done in the most effective manner but also tend to be unique in how they do things. While this is odd it works out quite well.

3. They can read other people’s emotions but struggle with their own.

Similar to an empath, the INFJ can read others well, however, they are also unable to read their own emotions. In turn, they may find it difficult to correctly express themselves.

4. The smallest of things can drive them mad, but they also see the bigger picture.

They really get worked up about the small things a lot. They don’t realize that the small things don’t matter as much but they do also keep the bigger picture in mind. This is both interesting and odd. It gets in the way more times than not.

5. They are easygoing but also want everything to be perfect.

They are usually pretty easygoing with others but when it comes to themselves they have to make sure everything is done perfectly. They are too hard on themselves and not hard enough on others. This really works against them.

6. They crave earthly experiences but are also quite philosophical.

They don’t always want to do things that other people do but when they do they want to do them big time. They are philosophical in many ways but they don’t let it overshadow things. They have found a good balance between these two things.

7. They are very organized but also very messy.

They might be pretty organized overall but they do forget many aspects of their lives a lot. They are messy but also well put together. You wouldn’t notice from afar but it is quite prominent in their lives.

8. They feel out of place here but also want to make a difference.

They feel as if they want to make a difference in this world but they also don’t feel as if this world is their home. They feel out of place but also ready to make a difference. This is something not many people know about.

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