Have you ever wondered whether or not someone appreciated what you do for them? Sure, they might say thank you but do you know if they really mean it or not?

A lot of the time, it stems much deeper than that. You can really tell what kind of person someone is by the things they appreciate or are grateful for. I for one am someone that tends to forget how grateful I should be for things like the air I breathe but when I take a moment to remember I am truly appreciative. Gratitude is a bit of a complicated thing when you really break it down, it seems so simple and yet there is something about it that causes so many to get it wrong or lack it completely.

Below I am going to go over something’s that might indicate whether or not someone is a grateful person. These things are not something you can find in everyone but are great traits to have. Some of them may seem a bit off-putting but they all come together in the end.

8 Things Truly Grateful People Do:

1. They define their self-worth by the positive not the negative.

They don’t let the bad things they have done define who they are. They look at the things they have got right not the mistakes that have pushed them down. We are not a product of the errors our mild holds us hostage to, we are all capable of being good people and we are all worth more than we realize.

2. They do not hold grudges.

They have no room in their hearts for grudges. They do not let revenge plots or hatred hold them back. They know who they are and they know that other people will hurt them for fun, this is just how life is. As long as they have what they need all is well.

3. They are very open-minded.

They don’t close themselves off to one specific kind of thinking. They are open to all sides of things. They see the picture as a whole, from possible sides.

4. They do not have preconditions to their happiness.

They don’t set themselves up to be unhappy. They don’t ever define their happiness as being ‘because’ of something else and they don’t say things like ‘if only ____ would happen then I could be happy.’ They know life just doesn’t always work out as planned.

5. They try to maintain a positive outlook.

They do their best to be as positive as possible. They don’t let the way that other people see things bring them down. They are always finding the light at the end of the tunnel.

6. They stop to smell the roses.

These people know that the small things are important. They are forever taking the time to chill out and relax. They might be hard workers but when it comes to making time for themselves, they do not hesitate.

7. They know that good things do not always happen to good people.

They accept the hand they have been dealt and work to see things through someone else’s eyes. They always look at what they have rather than what they do not have and you don’t often see them sad. They just appreciate things more, even the bad things.

8. They say thank in real ways.

They go above and beyond to let you know that they are thankful. They might give a long sincere thank you or show up with your favorite candy bar and that 20 bucks they owe you. Regardless, they make sure you know their thank you is sincere.


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