Sure, some zodiac signs are a bit more aggressive than others, but who knew that some were more willing to break hearts than others? You can find just about anything when it comes to really delving into the zodiac signs.

Below you will find a list of zodiac signs that are far more ready to play games with your heart than the others. While not everyone under these signs is out to manipulate and hurt us a lot of them are. Whether they do so on purpose or simply don’t know what they want varies but it always ends painfully.


Because the Taurus is so quick to let his or her temper get the best of his or herself they tend to hurt others more than they realize. This results in a lot of broken hearts who just couldn’t put up with their anger. While it is not entirely their fault they do need to work on this if they want a real relationship to last in the future.


The Aries breaks a lot of hearts on purpose. This person notices when someone is interested in him or her and toys with them. This is very similar to how the Leo toys with people as well and can be devastating.


As I mentioned above Leo’s like to toy with people much like Aries do. They will let someone think they are in love only to use them for their own personal gain and throw them aside as if they were nothing. This is a terrible cycle that you do not want to be a part of.


The Virgo is going to do whatever he or she can to bring you down. This person will constantly put you down and make you feel like you are doing something wrong. Don’t get me wrong if you happen to end up with a good Virgo then you have hit the jackpot but the ones who are all about themselves are not people you want to be with. They will only keep you around for convenience.


Capricorn’s don’t do this on purpose they just take everything a bit too seriously. They are forever expecting the worst from those they are with and it sets their relationships up to fail. They end up hurting the ones who care for them the most.


Scorpio’s are all about the chase. Once the chase is over they are ready to move onto the next. Don’t let a Scorpio seduce you into thinking you are the only one. Sure, there are some Scorpio’s who are more relationship oriented, but a lot of them are only interested in getting where they are going.


Pisces are just too caught up in doing their own thing that relationships don’t end up being as important to them and even when they are in one it doesn’t quite feel right. They get bored too quickly and end up leaving you wondering where you went wrong. Unless you have a ton of stuff in common your relationship with a Pisces isn’t going to go over well.

(Photo by Rhett Wesley on Unsplash)

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