If you are an empath you know how terrifying this world can truly be. There are negative energies lurking in even the most unexpected places and you can feel them much deeper than most people can even imagine.

Empaths are people who can literally feel the things other people are feeling as if they were their own emotions. They are able to absorb these emotions and take them on without even realizing it. This is something that can be quite damning if the empath does not know how to let go of all of the emotions that do not belong to them.

Empaths are at a greater risk of being targeted by negativity because they are affected by it on such an intense level. Below you will find some things that as an empath you can do to protect yourself. Negativity is a very powerful force and it should be dealt with as quickly as possible.

7 Things Empaths Can Do To Shield Them From Negativity:

1. Start making your needs known.

If you never speak up no one will ever know. You have to let others know when you need something. You cannot go through life struggling forever.

2. Find a way to get rid of the emotions that do not belong to you.

Whether meditation works for you or merely walking in nature, find something that helps. You have to have a proper method to getting rid of those emotions you have absorbed. Letting go of the emotions that do not hold a place in your heart is important.

3. If you need alone time, spend some time alone.

We all need time alone to recharge. If you want some space, make sure you get it. Don’t let other people walk all over you. Take a break if you need one.

4. Create healthy boundaries as needed.

If people are walking all over you or using you as a doormat set healthy boundaries. Do not let people cross your boundaries. Be very strict about this one.

5. Cut energy vampires out of your life.

Get rid of anyone in life who is pulling you down or holding you back. Energy vampires merely take and never give. All they want is to feed off of you for as long as they can.

6. Carry protective crystals.

Black tourmaline is my favorite but you can do some research and figure out what crystals would work best for you. There are tons to choose from. I suggest looking them over and choosing the ones that speak to you the most.

7. Stop feeling the need to ‘fix’ everyone.

You cannot help everyone and you cannot fix everyone. In life, there are some people who are not willing to let go of what they are feeling. You must accept that sometimes you have to just give up.

As an empath, you will be targeted by a lot of people who merely wish to profit off of you and your kindness. Be aware of these people and work hard to ensure you are not used. We only get one life, make yours count.

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