Empaths are people who were born with gifts. They can feel the emotions others are feeling and absorb them in ways the rest of us cannot.

While most of us are not aware that they even exist, some of us wonder who they are among the rest. Well, to be honest, they are a lot easier to spot than you might think. Most tend to stick out like a sore thumb or bright light amongst us all.

Below I am going to go over some of the things that really set empaths apart from the rest of the world. These are things you won’t find in just anyone. They are very nurturing and interesting people. We could learn a lot from them. Perhaps someone close to you is an empath.

7 Things That Help Identify Empaths:

1. They seem a bit uneasy when in crowded areas.

You can tell that they don’t quite feel comfortable in large crowds. They seem to be a bit overwhelmed and maybe you aren’t sure why. This is because the energies and emotions of the people surrounding them are all coming in waves and it is too much for them to deal with sometimes.

2. They love to help others and do so even without being asked sometimes.

Empaths are people who will always give freely. They help people in all the ways that they can. Sometimes they go out of their way to help people even without having been asked.

3. They are very genuine people.

Empaths are not fake people. They are authentic and remain true to who they are 24/7. While a lot of people might call them fake that is just because they come off as too nice and as humans, we question kindness more than anything else.

4. They spend a lot of time alone.

Empaths prefer to spend their time alone. They need to relax and recharge when they have spent a lot of time with others. The more they use their gift the more they will need to recharge.

5. They do not tolerate dishonest people.

Empaths are not going to put up with people lying to their faces. They cut ties with people who are dishonest and they refuse to waste their time with them. They know how important honesty is and if you lie to them they will call you out.

6. They love animals.

Empaths love animals, they are drawn to them and animals are drawn to them. They have deep connections with the things they find in nature and they consider them to be pure and innocent. Animals hold a very important place in their hearts. They are always willing to help animals that need them.

7. They seem to always let people take advantage of them.

Empaths tend to let people take advantage of them. They give too much and don’t realize when they need to draw the line. They don’t know how to say no and it becomes a big problem for a lot of them.

If you know someone who is like this then you most likely are in the presence of an empath. If you have an empath in your life you should thank him or her for what they do for you. They do a lot more than you probably realize.


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