Bold, confident and ambitious, there is nothing that a Type-A Personality can’t accomplish if they set their mind to it. Life with this personality type, however, can be exhausting unless you learn to manage your life effectively.

Type-A Personalities are the people who are always on the move in life. They are competitive and driven, their eye on the prize, and they always appear to be working on a tight timeline. When things don’t go according to plan, these individuals are known for their temper – lashing out at anyone in their way.

If you identify as a Type-A Personality, then you know that life with this mindset can be exhausting at best. You’re always on the go, fighting to succeed and refusing to slow down or take a break, even if it’s going to kill you. While that may help you to accomplish some amazing things, it’s also going to rob you of the joy and happiness this life can bring. The best thing you can learn to do is to establish some balance in your life, incorporating both the dedication required to reach your goals, but also a little fun and enjoyment along the way.

Here are 7 tips to manage your bold and intense Type-A Personality:

#1 – Let Go of Control

There is no denying the fact that you’re a total control freak, and when that control isn’t 110% in your control, your stress levels will mount quickly. Unfortunately, the world that we live in is going to force you into situations that you can’t control, and you are going to need to learn to survive that situation. Letting go of control will be one of the hardest things that a Type-A Personality will ever do, but it will be worth it!

#2 – Define Your Success

As someone who is highly focused on doing whatever it takes to come out ahead in this life, you may find that you are always ‘on’ which can be exhausting! Rather than running yourself ragged, spreading yourself thin with too much going on, it’s time to focus this attention. Take a step back and look at your life, what defines success for you? By understanding this, you can make strategic decisions on how to work smart, moving forward effectively.

#3 – Lower Your Expectations

While there is nothing wrong with setting high expectations for yourself to drive you towards success, Type-A Personalities have a bad habit of setting the bar so high that it’s impossible to reach. It may sound counterproductive but lowering your expectations slightly may actually improve your chances of success. At the same time, it will lower your stress level, promoting better mental and emotional health in the meantime.

#4 – Control Your Own Temper

Determined to succeed and come out ahead, regardless of what life may do to tear you down, your temper is your worst enemy. While your anger and frustration can be channeled to move you forward in life, it can also blow up in your face. Take some to learn some anger management techniques, discovering which are most effective for you individually. Relaxation skills such as journaling, breathing exercises and calm music can work wonders to turn the anger dial down and fast.

#5 – Learn to Communicate Effectively

The biggest struggle when it comes to your relationships will be your inability to communicate your thoughts and ideas to others. While you know in your mind what you want to have happen, if you don’t express this outwardly you can’t expect others to be on the same page. Despite this fact, you often lash out at those that aren’t sticking to your script. To tone down the drama and improve your interactions with others, work on establishing better communication skills.

#6 – Allow Yourself to Feel Disappointment

One of the biggest mistakes that many Type-A Personalities make is that you are so determined to succeed and come out ahead that you deny any feelings or emotions that you think may be seen as weakness. However, burying these feelings away doesn’t mean you are actually free from their impact on your life. The only way to release this disappointment is to allow yourself to feel it, embracing these emotions. Acknowledge that it’s okay to be disappointed, take responsibility for any mistakes you may have made, and learn from the experience.

#7 – Not Everything is A Competition

Competition can be a powerful motivator, and it is one that Type-A personalities like yourself use regularly in your life. After all, everything that can be a competition in your world is, and the people around you may not even realize they are part of a competition! However, you need to give yourself the opportunity to simply enjoy life from time to time if you’re going to keep your stress levels in check. Don’t eliminate competition from your life entirely, but it would serve you well to scale it back a bit.

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