Chances are, you know at least one or two girls that are what we call ‘hyper-empathic.’ They aren’t quite empaths but they feel empathy on a deeper level than most other people.

These people are on the barrier of empath and something else, they are two parts of something amazing meshing into one. They are able to navigate through their own hearts and move forward in ways most other people could never imagine. Below I am going to go over some of the things that make loving this kind of girl far more intense than loving anyone else. These things are either worth it to you or they will drive you crazy, there is no in-between.

7 Things You Need to Know About The Intense Love of A Hyper-Empathic Girl:

1. She will make sure you feel loved.

You will never have to question her feelings for you. She will make sure that you know she loves you. When all else fails her love for you is something you will know is real.

2. She will always know what it is you mean to say.

She will always know what you mean. Her intuition allows her to read you like an open book. While you might pretend to be mad, she can see your true intentions and knows that you are not as upset as you seem. She takes your aura as it is.

3. She will show her sensitive side but she is very strong.

She will always be willing to show you her sensitive side but that doesn’t mean she is not strong. She is one of the strongest people you will ever meet. She holds a heart of steel.

4. She will always love without fear.

She loves freely and openly. She is not afraid to feel things. She does not close her heart off ever.

5. She will not bottle any emotions.

Her emotions are always accepted and felt. She refuses to bottle them and lock them away. She knows how important it is to turn negative into positive.

6. She is not someone that can be caged.

If you go into things thinking you can change her you might as well give up. She is not someone to be caged. You cannot hold her back no matter how hard you want to.

7. She values honesty and respect, deny her that and she will cut you off.

She values honesty and respect. If you are not able to give her that she will cut ties and move on. She might love you but she loves herself more in all the right ways.

While she might seem a bit much at times, she is a wonderful person to be in love with. She will treat you right and take care of you in all the best ways. As long as you aren’t taking advantage of her, your love for each other will only be able to grow more and more.

Image via Curious Minds Magazine

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