Introverts are a bit different from the rest of the world. They don’t like to go out and party or spend all their time surrounded by other people.

Introverts are people who prefer calm settings over intense situations. They feel different even if they are normal and they tend to feel quite drained after being forced to do a lot of socializing. They are just a bit more closed off than some people and there is nothing wrong with this.

Below I am going to go over some of the things introverts seem to really enjoy that most other people who are not introverts won’t truly be able to understand. Introverts do a lot of things that others might consider to be odd but to them, they are perfectly normal. I guess you could say the introvert is cut from a different stone.

7 Things Introverts Love to Do That Most Other People Find Odd:

1. Watching other people from afar.

Introverts tend to really like watching other people live their lives. No, I don’t mean this in a creepy stalker kind of way, I just mean they admire others from afar. They will sit on a bench and watch everyone else live their lives, not anyone in particular just those who pass by.

2. Going to movies alone.

While not all introverts like doing this a lot of them really do enjoy going to the movies alone. You can find a good seat and really take everything in for what it is. Going to the movies alone doesn’t have to be a bad thing, most people find it quite stimulating. They get some interaction without having to waste any time.

3. Staying up at night thinking.

Introverts tend to stay up late pondering over the meaning of life and well, everything else. They might sometimes want to get some rest but for the most part, they really enjoy being alone with themselves. They let their mind wander and don’t stop until it has found something interesting.

4. Being home alone/staying home.

Introverts don’t have any problem being home alone. They like to be able to unwind and spend time to themselves. They would very much prefer to spend as much time at home as possible. They are homebodies without a doubt.

5. Daydreaming when given the chance.

Introverts are huge daydreamers. They have so much on their minds and yet letting it all melt away comes naturally to them. They tend to get lost within themselves and end up in places most other people could never imagine.

6. Doing solo activities.

Introverts love to do different things, we all have hobbies. That being said, their hobbies are more-so solo. They like to draw, workout, explore, or other things of the sort all on their own. Sure, they might have a small group of friends who do things with them but they aren’t big on team sports or things like that.

7. Going to 24-hour places when no one is there.

One of the things introverts enjoy the most is going to places that are open 24/7 late/early when no one is there. They can get what they need done, get out of the house, and still don’t have to really interact with other people very much. It is a win-win.

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