Cheating is a lot easier these days than it was in the past. Social media has really put it on the forefront in the minds of many and it has been the cause of many failed relationships.

Why people cheat or why a person might cheat can and usually does come with a lot of different reasons. Sometimes they do it because they feel like you’re not meeting their ‘needs‘ and other times they just want to. The reason can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it out to be in your mind. With the openness that comes with social media, finding someone to cheat with is as simple as checking your Facebook message requests sometimes.

Sure, the occasional flirty interaction is usually nothing to worry about but when the following signs are present you can go ahead and assume the worst. That casual flirting can lead to a lot more. With the ease of accessibility, a melt in trust has also occurred and I am not sure it is one society will be able to mend.

7 Signs Your Partner Is Using Social Media to Cheat:

1. He gets messages at some of the strangest times.

Sure, he might be talking to a friend but what friend messages at 3 am for ‘no reason.’ Just because he says that nothing is going on doesn’t mean he isn’t lying. There is no sense in someone blowing up his phone that late.

2. He literally clings to his phone for dear life.

If he is treating his phone as if it can never leave his side you can bet he probably has something to hide on it. When we’re in a happy relationship we usually don’t feel the need to spend much time on our phones at all. We would rather be with one another, if he is spending more time on his phone than he spends with you, something might be up.

3. You can tell he’s really thinking about/getting into what he’s talking about.

Do you sit and watch him type out long replies and really think out what he’s going to say next? Why might he be getting so into this? If it’s really just a friend or someone from work why would he be so reluctant to mention what he’s talking about.

4. He doesn’t even want you looking in the direction of his phone.

Another very prominent sign that should throw up an instant red flag is that he won’t even let you look at his phone at all. He doesn’t want you touching it, plugging it up for him, or anything else of the sort. You are not to touch it, why?

5. He stays up online all night and goes to bed a lot later than you do.

Does he sit up at night messaging someone while you’re in bed trying to sleep? Do you wake up to notice him on Facebook or elsewhere only for him to quickly put his phone away? What is it he doesn’t want you to see?

6. When you bring it up he becomes very angry.

If you bring up the possibility of him cheating or that he’s spending too much time online he becomes angry and in some cases violent. He doesn’t want to face the truth and is instead just trying to turn things around. This is a tactic many have used before and many will continue to use well into the future.

7. He is always accusing you of doing exactly what he is doing.

If he is always accusing you of cheating or spending too much time messaging or online, in general, it could be him projecting. If he is doing these things he might want to make you question yourself instead of him. Perhaps he will say something like ‘if you spent less time on yours I would spend less time on mine.’


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