Relationships are different for everyone. What it takes for one to make things work might not be what it takes for another, no two relationships are the exact same.

We all desire different things in life and in love. Just because I value the things I do does not mean that everyone else does. With that being said, if you pay attention to the things below you will see a trend in what people believe it takes to make a ‘forever’ kind of relationship work. However, when you have found the one you just know it.

I came across this Reddit thread not too long ago and I could not help myself, I had to read all of the replies. The list below is compiled of my favorite responses to the question, “Was there a single moment when you just knew that you wanted to be with your SO (significant other) forever? What was it?” The stories these women spoke of were more than enough to bring the power of love rushing through my heart, love is very real for so many people.

7 Things Real Women Think Are Signs As To Whether or Not You Will Be With Someone Forever:

1. “Yep, the eclipse this summer. My SO and I had been together a little over two years at that point. We went to Charleston, SC to be in the path of totality, where we got to watch the eclipse on the sea during a lightning storm (which conveniently didn’t cover the eclipse but did send spectacular pink lightning across the sky during totality). I got hit with this enormous wave of emotion, the gist of which was that I wanted to share all of the amazing experiences I’ll ever have with him, for the rest of my life.”ChuushaHime

2. “We were friends for quite a while before we started dating, so our relationship progressed quickly once it started heading in that direction. Before we were official, he took me to a “dead” shopping mall by his house at night. There was an arcade inside that was still in business, and as we were walking through the dark, quiet, abandoned mall, I realized that I wasn’t creeped out at all because he was there. I felt 100% safe with him holding my hand. I had never felt that before with anyone else. When we got to the arcade, we saw one of his friends and he introduced me as his girlfriend for the first time, and that was it. I knew I trusted him and wanted him to be with me forever.”Ashmoe32

3. “A year and a half ago I was traveling in Europe with friends. My SO was at home in the states taking care of life and such. I was at a castle, the view was amazing, and I thought to myself “I wish my husband was here with me to experience it.”

I never thought I would use that term and knew right then that I wanted to marry him. We are getting married in June.”HiddenTurtles

4. “We had a fight, talked about how we were feeling, and found a solution together.

As someone who grew up with parents who fight and insult each other constantly, being able to finally have a fight with him and resolve it without either of us yelling sealed the deal.”FeintingFancy

5. “We watched a scary movie with some friends and my nephews, the nephews were about ages 10 & 15. The 10-year old nephew became more frightened of the movie than we expected (there was a long discussion with them both about whether they thought 10 could handle that kind of content and we agreed to watch only so many minutes).

It was Hellraiser, and when he saw the puzzle box changing shape and twisting he started squirming and looking anxious. SO said, ‘ahh, that little box?! That’s the big scary thing in this movie? You could close that thing up forever with duct tape. Lame. Lamest scary movie ever.’ The boys and our friends were cracking up and started coming up with other ways to close up the box with silly household items. 10 was laughing and not anxious anymore, it was great.

I gave my SO a look saying thank you. He gave a look back saying no problem.

It was the first time he felt like family.

That was at three months of dating and seven months of friendship. We’ve been together almost ten years now, married almost four.”HowTown103

6. “I was working from home one day at his apartment about 5 months in to our relationship. He only had a half day so he drove in and left me to do some work on my laptop in his bed. While he was gone and I was on a conference call I leaned into his body pillow and got a whiff of his smell. When I smelled him I got this giddy euphoric feeling and hugged that pillow till he came home. That day I told him I loved him.”Ttamevoli

7. “Honestly I think it all the time. First time was when he said “I love you”, it was so genuine.. he meant it. He always has my back no matter what and even though we are both stubborn, we click. He’s made me a better person and I’ve never wanted to put so much effort into something. He does little things like run upstairs to help with groceries when I get home, to surprising me with flowers or a bottle of wine after a bad day, he makes me coffee every morning and supper during the week because I work later. He never complains. He always thanks me when I do the smallest thing.

He puts in so much effort. Sometimes we have all nighters and just talk and drink and open up completely. We can have fun at parties but we can also have a two person party and have just as much fun.

We are both similar and appreciate the other person. It’s honestly the best relationship I’ve ever had and I know I want to be with him forever.”PilonA3

So you see, forever is just forever and love is just that, love. You cannot force it and it happens gradually for some and overnight for others. Real love is not something you can force, you either have it or you don’t.

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