A twin flame relationship is a beautiful thing. It is a connection of the soul to another, a soul that is the exact same soul as our own. One that we were separated from long before we made our way here to this planet for the first time.

It is the same soul being incarnated at the same time. There are often lots of physical distances and internal issues that keep the twins apart while they are here but in the end, they will always make their way back to one another. The connection in itself is very intense and for most hard to deal with. Generally, one person runs while the other chases.

Being in a twin flame relationship is not as easy as most people pretend it is. It is constantly fighting against the odds to be with one another. You will feel confused and moody but the more your connection grows the better things will get. Not everyone knows exactly who their twin is but once you find him or her you will feel that they are special and different from everyone else.

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that you might be experiencing a true connection with your twin. These things will allow you to better understand what you are going through and where you should go from here. If you work hard enough and both of you are ready, you can stand the tests of time.

7 Signs You Have Made A Real Connection With The Mirror to Your Soul:

1. You recognize the soul before you.

You instantly reconnect with this soul because it is also your soul. You feel the connection as soon as you see them even if you don’t quite understand it. It’s like you’ve known this person on a deep level your whole life even though you have only just met.

2. This connection is like nothing you have ever felt.

You feel like this is something you have never felt before. Sure you’ve felt drawn to people before but never this intensely. The electricity between the two of you is quite overwhelming.

3. This person does not try to change you but accepts you as you are.

You are accepted for who you are. All of your flaws and imperfections do not matter to this person. You are finally seen for who you are. They would never judge you.

4. You are able to communicate without words.

You do not have to say anything for this person to know what you are thinking. The connection between the two of you allows you to speak even when you are not. Telepathy is a very real thing.

5. You feel driven to a higher purpose.

Now that you have met this person things are beginning to make sense. You feel driven to do something more, to be something more. Everything feels like it is falling into place.

6. You feel a sense of expansion.

You feel as though things are forever expanding in your favor. You are beyond your limits and overcoming things you never thought you could. You are growing in ways you did not know were possible.

7. You are able to be your authentic self with this person.

You feel free to be yourself in ways you never have. You can open up and live as you are without fear. This person makes you feel accepted.


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