A lot of people struggle with accepting pain, and they think that avoiding it is going to make it go away. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Life is a lot less ‘black and white’ than we pretend it is.

Just because you think you have tried everything to find true happiness doesn’t mean you actually have. A lot of us struggle to really understand what happiness is and the things we have to go through to attain it. You don’t find happiness in those things that give you a minor mood boost, you find happiness in gaining a true understanding of yourself and really growing as a person.

Below I am going to go over some of the reasons why accepting pain is important to finding true happiness. Just because pain is uncomfortable doesn’t mean it isn’t important. We learn from pain and we grow from pain. Pain is always going to be present regardless of how hard you try to avoid it.

7 Reasons Why You Really Have to Accept Pain If You Want True Happiness:

1. Pain helps you form bonds.

When we find people who have gone through the same things we have a deeper connection with them. Common pain helps us bond with people we normally wouldn’t bond with. We all grow in different ways from the things we have gone through and being able to relate is a great thing.

2. Pain makes you more aware.

Pain makes you more aware of what is going on in your life. If something is hurting you then you know that some kind of change is needed. Whether or not you are willing to make that change is up to you.

3. Pain helps you learn how to reward yourself.

Pain is something we know sucks and when we go through it we begin to reward ourselves more. We know that the things we go through help us build and that sometimes stopping to give ourselves a break is necessary. Through this, you can find a good common ground in most cases.

4. Pain really puts your values into perspective.

Pain really helps you understand better what matters to you. If your significant other and the things he is doing are hurting you then you know that you value a positive relationship. This kind of thing can be applied to all parts of life.

5. Pain helps you better understand pleasure.

If you don’t know what pain is you won’t know what pleasure is. We all go through both and must understand both. You cannot have one without the other.

6. Getting through pain boosts happiness.

When we go through something that really hurts, we end up boosting our happiness when we make it out on the other end. We become more positive. This is because we survived.

7. Pain is an opportunity for you to grow.

Each painful thing we face in this life is a lesson for us to learn, the more we face the more we grow. Life is not as simple as we wish it would be.


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