While it might not seem like much, outwitting or out smarting a narcissist can be dangerous territory. Narcissists are extremely manipulative and once you’ve broken free of their grasp, they will go to great lengths to undermine any progress you’ve managed to make.

For those who might not be aware narcissists are people with something known as narcissistic personality disorder. They lack empathy overall and crave admiration. These people use others for their own personal gain on a daily basis and tend to be quite self-centered and demanding overall.

While cutting ties is the best option when it comes to dealing with a narcissist far too often people try to play the dangerous game of ‘getting one over’ on them. This meaning they want to out-do the narcissist and basically give them a taste of their own medicine. If you find yourself having done this, you need to be aware of the possible manners that the narcissist may react in.

Below I am going to go over some of the more common narcissistic reactions to being outsmarted and what those reactions can hold for you and the narcissist in a number of ways. While not all of them will become present, some of them might be worth paying close attention to.

7 Reactions That You Should Expect When It Comes To Getting The Better Of A Narcissist:

(Please keep in mind all narcissists are different in their own ways, while some will react in many of these ways not all of them will. You need to be aware of each so that you can spot them when they come forth.)

1. They brush it under the rug.

When you outsmart the narcissist at first he or she is going to pretend that it didn’t happen. While it is eating them up inside they will not let you see it right off the bat. At first, you will not be able to tell whether things are sinking in properly.

2. They literally explode.

Some narcissists are quick to explode and when this happens they lash out in ways that might leave you wishing you had not said anything, to begin with. The more that this happens, the more distance that you should put between this person and yourself. This kind of volatile person is not someone you need to keep close and you need to know that.

3. They become more persistent.

Narcissists are already pretty persistent in general but when you outsmart them regardless of the situation they tend to become more persistent in making their side make sense. They will pull things out of thin air and bring ‘facts’ out of the woodwork to make it seem as if you are not the one getting anything over on them. This can be a bit confusing but standing your ground is important in moments like these.

4. They change things up/show their ‘nice’ side.

In some cases when you show the narcissist up he or she might show his or her nice side to win you back. In doing this they feel like they can draw you back in and bring things to where they feel they need to be. Once you’re where they want you, they begin grooming you all over again in an attempt to gain control.

5. They jump into projecting.

Sometimes when narcissists are outsmarted they will begin projecting a lot of different things onto the person outsmarting them. This is a means of really breaking the person down and making them feel like they’re doing something wrong whether they are or aren’t. It can again be quite stressful and frustrating to deal with.

6. They make you out to be the bad person.

If you cut ties with the narcissist after or without having outsmarted them they will make you out to be a bad person. They will act as if you have completely abandoned them for no reason and turn everything against you. This is just how they work and you need to keep your distance.

7. They tear you down and move on.

When the narcissist sees that there is no going back they will bring every secret you’ve ever told them out and really go out of their way to tear you down. They will leave you as low as they possibly can and then pretend you never existed. While it might seem hard, refusing to give them that kind of power over you is important.

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