We hear a lot about the third eye but most people don’t bother to really look into what it is or how it works. Most people just assume it is literally what it sounds like, an actual third eye.

Just because it is depicted as that doesn’t mean it is literally that. The third eye is actually just our pineal gland and not necessarily an eye at all (for the most part but we will get more into that below). That being said, it still holds great power and spiritual meaning for many of us.

Below I am going to go over some of the things that most people need to know but don’t know in regards to the third eye. If you know all of these things, props to you. These are all things we need to be aware of if we want to further our spiritual journeys in life.

7 Things Most People Don’t Know About The Third Eye:

1. It is not always the same thing for everyone.

Some people see their third eye as something different. Sure, it all has a similar meaning but for all of us, that meaning can be different. Some people can handle the opening of their third eye and others cannot. We all take things differently.

2. Every single person has one.

We all have a third eye. Even if you refuse to accept or acknowledge the fact that you do it is still there. Even animals have a third eye.

3. It is our pineal gland.

The third eye is the pineal gland. For those who do not know the pineal gland is a small endocrine gland that is similar in shape to a pinecone. It is within our heads exactly where you think a third eye would go.

4. ‘Opening’ it won’t solve all of your problems.

For some reason, many people assume that opening their third eye is the answer to everything. Opening your third eye will not resolve all of the problems you are facing. Never force your third eye open, allow it to open on its own and be patient. It will open when you are ready.

5. It is not an actual eye but science has said that it is very similar to one in some ways.

The pineal gland or third eye is not exactly an eye but does have a lot of similar features. Back in 1886, E. Baldwin Spencer and H.W De Graff discovered that it has all of the features an external eye has for the most part. It has retina cells and is able to respond to light directly. Isn’t that interesting?

6. It keeps our internal clock going. 

The pineal gland or third eye regulates the body’s circadian rhythms. These are the daily rhythms of our bodies. They include signals that make us tired so that we sleep and signals that wake us up. You see, the pineal gland secretes melatonin which works to keep the clock in check.

7. The third eye is not closed off to one religion or culture.

The third eye can be found in many religions in one way or another. It is not only seen in one culture, you can find it across the globe through many different kinds of people. For some reason, many believe it is closed off to just Buddhism but that is nowhere near the case.


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