7 Intense Riddles That Will Put Your Mental Fitness to The Test

By June 28, 2018 Video

The healthier the brain is, the better. We always take into consideration our overall fitness but have you ever stopped to think about whether or not you are maintaining the proper mental fitness?

Brain exercise can be just as important as any other kind of exercise. If you exercise your brain, you could really enhance the way it functions. Below You will find some of my favorite ‘riddles’ or brain problems that might just be more than enough to give your mental fitness the added oomph it needs.

Brain teasers are really fun and while they can be a bit confusing or frustrating the more you do them the better at them you will become. In each video below you will be given a few seconds to work on figuring things out and then if you haven’t figured things out the answer will be presented to you. If you think you need extra time, feel free to pause anywhere you see fit. How many of these brain teasers were you able to figure out on your own?

7 Brain Teasers That Will Put Your Mental Fitness to The Test:

1. Can You Find The Mistake?

2. Can You Spot The Word Dog?

3. Can you Spot The Sheep Among All These Santas?

4. Can You Spot The Phone?

5. Can You Spot All Of These Rudolph’s In Under 5 Seconds?

6. Can You Solve This? (Answer in Video)

7. Can You Find The Middle Girls Legs?

(Image Via: Youtube)

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