Tilapia is a freshwater fish that many people eat quite frequently but is also something we might need to avoid for a number of reasons. While the fish themselves might not be that dangerous the ways in which they are farmed and how industrialized their processing has become lots of issues have come up.

When improperly managed, these fish farms can be terrible for the environment and not only pollute water they also spread diseases to wild fish on occasion. Because of this and many other reasons, farmed fish have a very bad reputation, and rightfully so. Tilapia is one of the most inexpensive fish to farm and so, it has been and will continue to be ‘farmed to death.’

Below I am going to go over some of the more disturbing things about Tilapia and the ways in which it is obtained these days. While you might like the way it tastes, it is not something we should be putting our money into. These are some of the biggest reasons why we should all be avoiding tilapia as best we can.

7 Reasons Why You Should Stop Eating Tilapia:

1. There is a lack of Omega-3s that people don’t like to mention.

While many claim that the Omega-3s in tilapia make it worth eating, the truth is there are less Omega-3s in the fish that are factory farmed. It has been noted before that the difference is cut by almost half and a lot of the nutrients within the fish is lost. This making eating it a waste of time for many.

2. Some are literally fed poop.

Due to overcrowding, many fish end up eating their own poo and some are actually even fed pig waste from factory farms. Do you really want to eat something that has only ever eaten its own waste and the waste of others? I definitely don’t.

3. Some contain significant concentrations of DDT.

DDT is a kind of pesticide that needs its own section. This has been associated with industrial pollution and is present in a lot of tilapias imported from China. There are many kinds of contaminants that can be found in tilapia and other fish.

4. Farmed Fish is not good for the environment.

Farmed raised fish in general raise a lot of concerns for the environment. They are basically the same as factory farms on land but in water which is slightly terrifying. They produce dangerous amounts of waste, spread disease and parasites, and so much more. While some can function properly many are not regulated and managed properly thus giving them all a very bad reputation. You can click here to read more on this topic.

5. It has been found to worsen inflammation in the body.

One study found that eating tilapia increases inflammation in the body. This on a serious level and makes up for a potentially dangerous fatty acid combination. While this is the most highly consumed fish in America, it should not be. Those with heart disease, asthma, and other things of the sort should be avoiding it.

6. They might cause cancer when ingested.

If the farm your tilapia is coming from wasn’t managed properly you could be at risk big time. This is because farms that are not properly managed can contain high levels of carcinogens and that reflects in the fish.

7. Farmed fish are treated with antibiotics that are consumed when we eat them.

Farmed fish are overly treated with antibiotics in order to fight off diseases and health issues. These antibiotics don’t just leave the bodies of these fish, they are present even when we’re eating them. Pesticides are also used on these fish as they work to help combat sea lice on the fish farms.

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