Twin flame separation is never easy. It is something that can truly tear you apart within.

All twin flame relationships go through this at one point or another. It is just a part of life and the journey we have here on this world. The intensity you experience during a twin flame relationship can be overwhelming and most of the time twin flame relationships are much harder to maintain than we could ever imagine without having experienced it first hand.

For anyone who might not know, a twin flame relationship what we refer to the relationship between two twin flames as. A twin flame is a person your soul is connected with. It is a yin-yang kind of relationship that we only have one of throughout all the lives we live.

Twin flames are mirrors to our souls. The reflect everything back to us which makes them far more complicated than we usually can understand. Our twin is the second part of our soul, not half but the literal second manifestation of our whole soul in this plane of existence.

Below I am going to go over some of the reasons why you might be experiencing some kind of twin flame separation. Twin flame separation is exactly what it sounds like and can happen for a number of reasons. Don’t let it break you, let it teach you.

7 Heartbreaking Reasons You Might Be Experiencing Twin Flame Separation:

1. One or both parts are struggling with self-respect/self-love.

Self-respect and self-love are both very important things. If you or your twin are not yet capable of these things your relationship isn’t going to work. You have to love yourself and respect yourself before you can ever truly love someone else in the ways they are going to love you.

2. One or both parts need to learn more in life before coming back together.

Sometimes we haven’t learned enough in life to really truly understand the lives and relationships before us. We need to learn more and really find ourselves before we can truly accept the twin flame for what it is. While this sucks, it is something that happens far too often.

3. One or both parts need healing.

When someone needs to heal even something as amazing as a twin flame relationship isn’t going to fix them. They have to fix themselves from within. You can’t just complete them and make them forget the things they’ve been through, this is not a fairytale, this is real life.

4. The timing was just not right.

If the timing wasn’t right then there was nothing you could have done. Perhaps your twin was already married or has something going on that he or she cannot break free from. Even when you hold this kind of bond with someone it isn’t always enough to really bring the two of you together.

5. One or both parts is still spiritually immature.

If spiritual maturity has not yet been achieved things will go sour at one point or another. You both have to be one the same page for things to work. If you are matured and your twin isn’t there will be problems.

6. One or both parts is overwhelmed energetically.

Being with your twin is overwhelming and sometimes that energy causes one of the two to run. Sometimes you will be the runner and sometimes the other will be the runner. This happens a lot more than we want it to.

7. You have mistaken your false twin for your real twin.

Mistaking your false twin for your twin hurts just as bad as separating from your actual twin. While this might not seem appropriate for this list I assure you it is important to note. If you have mistaken your false twin for your twin you might be ignoring your twin without realizing it, further driving that separation. Really make sure you are with who you think you are with.

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