We all have a sense of intuition, and for some, that sense of intuition might be less or more intense, it just depends. But, for all of us, we have a subconscious inner voice that will guide us through life, if we are willing to listen.

Below I am going to go over some of the things your gut or intuition might tell you. These are some of the things that should never be ignored. If you are feeling any of these things on a real level, you should pay close attention to them and if need be, remove yourself from whatever situation you are in. Sometimes, being ‘better safe than sorry’ is a very TRUE statement.

Listening to that gut feeling is not going to hurt you if nothing else it will benefit you greatly. That sudden drop of stomach, loss of breathe, or anything else of the sort might be really telling you something important. Never be afraid to open up and listen to what your inner being has to say.

7 Gut Instincts You Need to Pay Attention To

1. That feeling that something you are doing is ‘right.’

If you feel like you are really doing something good, then chances are your subconscious and conscious are aligned just right. This is a magical thing and will push you exactly where you need to be. Don’t ignore the good or the bad.

2. When something just comes naturally.

When you feel like something is coming naturally to you, that could be your gut letting you know that you are meant to be doing that. This comes in many forms and could encompass a number of things.

3. When you don’t feel good about something.

If you aren’t feeling the best about something it could be because your gut already knows what’s wrong. Just because you cannot see the bigger picture just yet doesn’t mean things will unfold how you want them to. You could be devastatingly wrong depending on the situation. If your gut is making you feel bad about something then there is likely a reason for that.

4. When you feel like you’re in a dangerous situation.

If your instincts are telling you that the situation you have gotten yourself into is a dangerous one whether you can see the threat or not you need to be aware. There are tons of things that could be happening and paying attention to detail matters. Be a little on edge and if necessary remove yourself from the situation.

5. That feeling that you should help someone.

Sometimes we are pushed to help others. If you are feeling as if you really need to do something nice for someone, do it. Your gut is wanting you to make this move for a reason.

6. When you feel like you might be hurting yourself.

If you feel like you are taking on too much or going to hurt yourself, in the long run, your intuition might speak up before anything else. Listen to your gut and don’t take on too much. If you are always pleasing others no one will want to please you.

7. When something seems ‘odd’ or ‘unnerving.’

When you feel like something you are experiencing is ‘odd’ or ‘unnerving’ you will begin feeling out of place. This will really put you on edge and keep you aware and ready for whatever might be to come. You have to be aware of how peculiar some things turn out to be and read into them sometimes.

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