You may come to realize that some people are much different than the rest of society. You might be lucky enough to come across an empath at some point in your life – or it could even be you!

Empaths are very special and important people. We are natural born healers who were put here to guide society into a better place. We have special capabilities when it comes to understanding and empathizing with other people. We understand the reasons and afflictions behind every action and behavior of a single person. Empaths are heavily affected by the energy of other people and they are extra sensitive to more than just emotions. They can pick up on intuitive frequencies and communicate with the interconnectedness of the cosmic universe.

An empath is able to perceive physical sensitivities and spiritual urges, as well as understanding the motives and intentions of everyone around them. They can read people better than a polygraph! Empaths are natural born healers, but they have to be careful about their abilities. They are so heavily influenced by the energy of other people, they can swiftly become overtaken by other people. They can easily lose their sense of self and begin self neglecting. If you’re an empath and you want to fulfill your healing duties, you have to remember these 7 important factors to be able to do so.

1. Don’t Let Others Manipulate Your Kindness

Empaths are very understanding people, and we can relate to another person on almost anything. However, people are cruel and tend to be selfish which can promote some major problems for a naturally selfless empath. To be able to heal the ones who need it, you must be able to deflect the manipulative tactics of other people. Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of, and never let anyone affect your ability to love yourself.

2. Accept Life

Life is not what society makes it out to be. It’s nothing of what we see on television or the internet. It is mistakes, failures, lessons, hard times, and so forth. It is the yin and the yang, a mixture of all bad things and the good. Accept the trueness of it all and learn to love the flaws of yourself and others, and you will then unlock the true powers of life.

3. Listen To Intuition

You have an extreme sense of intuition. Tune into an intuitive frequency and listen to what the universe is telling you. Empaths can use their intuition to guide them and even come into contact with who they need to heal.

4. Meditate

There are a million reasons to meditate every single day. There are hundreds of science backed benefits of this powerful practice of mindfulness. Empaths need to meditate, because it brings them back to their higher consciousness. It could even be referred to as the period of recharging for the empath. It is crucial in maintaining your sense of mind throughout life.

5. Communicate

When an empath is feeling a gut urge to talk to someone or tell them something, it is pointless if they do not act upon it. Gut feelings are most often a misinterpretation of intuition. Communicate and talk with people, share your story and listen to theirs!

6. Be One With The Universe

As an empath your best and most useful ability is being able to recognize the interconnectedness of all things! You are very knowledgable about the true essence of life in this cosmic universe.

7. Disconnect With Society

Trying to be a part of the material world will only cause you to lose your ability to heal others. Today’s society is toxic for an empath and you must disconnect with it to fulfill your true potential. Practice the loss of ego and minimalism and promote actual change in today’s society.

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