Trying to keep up with the demands of our careers, families and personal goals in life can be overwhelming, leaving us feeling drained emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. Feeling weighed down by intense pressures, mounting to-do lists and negative energies can hold us back from being the best version of ourselves.

While negative energy can’t always be avoided, there are steps that one can take to banish negativity from your life. Releasing this toxic influence will not only lessen the burden that you are experiencing but also make room to welcome happiness and positivity on an emotional, mental and spiritual level, all of which will work together to motivate and inspire us to be better versions of ourselves and reach new heights.

Eliminate Bad Vibes and Toxic Energy Quickly and Effectively with These 7 Tips:

#1 – Take a Long Walk

If you currently feel yourself held back or bogged down by negativity, the best thing you can do may simply be to walk away for a moment. Take a long walk, especially if you are able to get out in nature. There are a number of benefits associated with time in the great outdoors, and the time away from the source of your stress will allow you to return with a fresh set of eyes.

#2 – Meditation

Our fast-paced and high-demand society can put us under an extreme amount of pressure, which, for many, can take a tremendous toll on our thoughts. If you find that you are weighed down by negative thoughts and feelings, one effective tool to banish this negativity and quiet the mind is through meditation. Find a quiet place where you are unlikely to be disturbed and engage in just 10 minutes of meditation daily to free yourself from negative thoughts.

#3 – Laughter

You’ve often heard it said that laughter is the best medicine, and there may be some truth to this statement. Smiling and laughing are incredibly powerful and often underestimated. Experts say that laughter can cause physiological changes including improving your mood and mental state. Allow yourself to find enjoyment in your daily life.

#4 – Take Frequent Breaks

If you have been trying to work towards the completion of a specific project but have been driving yourself to be productive constantly with no breaks, you may actually be creating your own bad energy. Why? You are putting such stress on yourself that you are actually bogging down your ability to perform. Allow yourself to step away from time to time even if it is just to do a couple minutes of quick stretching, or to take a walk around the office, and you will be amazed at what it can do for your overall productivity.

#5 – Focus on Those You Love

When we face times of trial or situations in which we feel we have failed or fallen short, we may struggle with our own self-confidence and self-worth. Rather than allowing these situations to tear us down, focus on the people that you love, and those who love you back unconditionally. Rather than focusing on your own negative self-talk, focus on the happy moments shared with these people, and the positive way that they see you. Allow this positivity to drive the negative vibes from your life.

#6 – Avoid Negative People

People have the ability to bring positivity and happiness into our lives, but they can also tear us down. If you allow toxic or negative people into your lives, they may infect you with their negative energy, influencing many different areas of your life. Don’t give them this power. Avoid negative people and free yourself from this source of constant negative energy.

#7 – Nap Regularly

Sleep is one of the most overlooked necessities in the world today. Without it, we are setting ourselves up for failure, feeling more drained and bogged down than ever before. While there is certainly power in extending the time that you sleep at night, carefully scheduled naps during the day can recharge both your body and mind for the day ahead. Try taking just 20-30 minutes in the mid-afternoon and pay attention to the impact it has on your energy levels.

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