Sometimes, we don’t realize how bitter the people around us can be. Sure, we might think we avoid those who can’t handle the world around them but could we be forgetting some of the people who do this the most?

Sometimes the people we care about the most turn out to be the most bitter of them all. When it comes to identifying those who are serious sourpusses, we don’t have to look too deep but we do have to pick up on the signs. Below I am going to go over some of the habits bitter people tend to have in common. If you notice these things in someone close to you, cutting ties might be your best option.

7 Habits You Will Find in Bitter People and Why You Should Be Avoiding Them:

1. They never let things go.

They never know when to stop. They feel like they must get even with all who cross them. Letting go is never an option to them.

2. They are always acting out of jealousy.

They might not say it but you notice it. This person is always jealous of someone else. They act out of jealousy and don’t know how to be themselves in this kind of instance.

3. They expect the worst, no matter what.

Even in some of the best situations, they expect the worst. They don’t see things the way the rest of us do. You might see things from a positive perspective but that is not possible for them.

4. They never see the bright side of things.

They never truly grasp happiness. The bright side is an illusion to them. They cannot see it because they do not believe fully.

5. They always have something bad to say about other people.

If they are constantly saying something bad about other people, you know they are bound to do the same about you when you are not around. Sometimes things like this are a sign of something more. You don’t have to be a show horse to ride.

6. They use drama to get others attention.

They use drama to get all the attention they want. They want things to go according to their plan and no one else’s. While this might go unnoticed for awhile once you catch on, you really catch on.

7. They always make themselves out to be the victim.

These kinds of people feel that they do no wrong. They think that each new life is their spirit guide showing them something. What is it you are showing within me.

Remember, just because they seem normal doesn’t mean they are. We all go through things at our own pace. These kinds of things should not be tolerated.

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