7 Amazing Things That Happen to You When You Finally Find Someone Who Isn’t Toxic

By December 19, 2017 Featured

Toxic relationships take a lot out of us. They leave us missing parts of ourselves that we don’t think we will ever be able to get back.

When you meet someone who is not toxic after going through a toxic relationship things can be a bit tricky. You see, your heart is still not whole and you are not the naive person you once were. You won’t be so easy to fall for anyone at this point.

That being said, when you finally do find someone who is able to break through the walls you have put up, someone who understands you and your struggles you will know. Someone with a good heart who finally was able to make you believe you could trust them. Sure, your heart is guarded and you may not be as head over heels as you would have been before but there are some interesting things going on within.

7 Things That Happen to You When You Finally Find Someone Who Isn’t Toxic:

1. You are afraid.

When you finally find someone new it is a scary feeling. I mean sure you want to love but you aren’t sure what it even is anymore. That being said, you can and will overcome your fears if you are with the right person.

2. You are thankful but guarded.

You are glad that this person has been brought into your life but you are still unsure as to where things will end up. You are guarded and rightfully so. There is nothing wrong with taking things slow.

3. You pay more attention to ‘actions’ instead of words.

You are not letting yourself get caught up in the cute things someone says this time. You are paying attention to their actions and not letting them walk all over you. You will not be a doormat this time.

4. You question everything.

You question your feelings and theirs. You question everything, this is because you have been through so much that it is hard to trust others. This is something you will work through in time.

5. You slowly learn how to trust again.

Slowly but surely you begin to open up and let this person in more and more. You get to know them and they get to know you. Learn to trust someone is hard but it can be done.

6. You allow yourself to have healthy boundaries.

You don’t lock yourself away from the world but you know when you need space. You set healthy boundaries and this person respects them. Never be with someone who does not respect your boundaries.

7. You learn the difference between real love and fake love.

As time passes you learn that the toxic relationship you were in was not love at all. You realize that you now have what you had wanted all along. You are beginning to understand what love really is and is supposed to be.



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