Sitting meditation works wonders on people and can be a very healing process in itself, but sometimes being a bit more active can make a much bigger difference. Have you ever tried walking meditation?

Walking meditation for those who might not know, is literally what it sounds like, walking while meditating or meditating while walking. When you practice this kind of meditation you are becoming more aware of the world around you and reconnecting with nature in most cases. It is a time that both clears your mind and provides you with a positive experience overall.

All you do is spend some time walking in nature be it a local park or actually out in the woods, that is all up to you. You let go of the things bothering you and focus on the here and now. It allows you to really use all of your senses to pull the whole experience together. Below I am going to go over some of the things that make walking meditation so special and while it does not replace normal sitting meditation, it should be carried out sometimes as well.

7 Advantages of ‘Walking Meditation’:

1. You can do it regardless of where you are.

No matter where you are, you can get some walking meditation done. While it is best done outdoors it can be done indoors if need be. It is a very versatile kind of meditation.

2. You get to touch on planes of a different world.

When you are meditating while walking you are removing yourself from the world everyone else lives in and putting yourself in a place that only you know about. You are moving into an energetic space and that is something a lot of people don’t realize.

3. It removes you from the ‘norm.’

When you’re walking and meditating at the same time it removes you from the ‘norm’. It takes you away from all of the things stressing you or following you around. It puts you in a more vulnerable state and pushes you forward.

4. You learn to move more mindfully.

When we are walking and meditating it teaches us to be mindful with each step. While it might be a bit frustrating at first, the longer you do it the more simple it will become. Each step you take and breath you breathe will become mindful in many ways.

5. It unites body and mind.

Through meditation walking, you are connecting your mind and your body. You are bringing two parts of yourself together in a relaxing way. This promotes positivity and will unite your body and mind in the most wonderful way.

6. You are ‘working’ through your body.

By working through your body you are ensuring there are no energy blockages. Your life force will be able to properly move through your being. You are really making a difference in the life you are living by doing this.

7.  You are connecting with nature.

By being out in nature you are connecting with nature. You are digging your feet into the roots of who you are. Our connection with nature is one that should always be nurtured.

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