7 Adult Behaviors That Are A Result of Childhood Trauma

Childhood trauma comes in many different forms. No one experiences the same exact thing in the same exact way.

Childhood trauma could be anything from feeling helpless to being physically abused and of course, everything in-between. Childhood trauma is something many of us carry with us through our lives even into old age if not dealt with. Trauma impacts us all on some level.

If you were a victim of some kind of childhood trauma then the following things might be true for you. Just because you grow up doesn’t mean you face everything that needs to be faced. Sometimes we don’t even realize what is truly going on inside. If you are not working through your childhood trauma you should seriously consider it, once you have done so it will feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off of your shoulders.

7 Things That Someone Might Be Experiencing As The Result of Childhood Trauma:

1. Intense and Persistent Panic

If you are someone with this then you know exactly what I mean. You are anxious a lot of the time and have trouble processing everything. Everything feels like a threat on some level and depending on the situation panic comes naturally even when it shouldn’t.

2. Settling

When we go through something like childhood trauma it changes us. For some of us it makes us stop going out of our comfort zone, it leaves us settling. We just do what we have to and don’t bother to achieve more.

3. Letting Fear Win

We let fear win far too often, especially when that fear is associated with some kind of trauma. I once saw a video about a woman who couldn’t shower because of her fear of the shower stemming from sexual abuse. While this is an extreme case she is one of many facing things like this.

4. Withdrawal

When we withdrawal we are cutting ourselves off from the rest of the world be it completely or partially. The most common form of this is social withdrawal. You do not go out unless you have to and you don’t really want to be ‘judged’ by those around you. People who are going through childhood trauma often end up with social anxiety disorder.

5. Being Passive-Aggressive

Instead of facing problems and conflict in general head on as they should be these people become more passive-aggressive. While they may think they are succeeding in suppressing their negative emotions they aren’t quite doing that. Things are just happening in a different manner.

6. Extreme Tension

Just because you are no longer in that kind of situation doesn’t mean that the tension surrounding it is gone. Their brain might still be acting in that fight or flight response and this could be causing you a lot of turmoil. This happens most commonly with physical trauma but can also be extreme stress related as well.

7. Victim Thinking

This is basically when the person thinks of themselves as a victim. They feel like they have no control over anything in their lives and they act in the same way. They just follow instead of lead and whether they like it or not they deal with it.

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