There is no denying the fact that modern medical science has empowered us, as a generation, to live longer, healthier lives than many of the generations that came before us. Disease and infections that were once death sentences are now treatable or even, in many cases, preventable, and research into anti-aging provide us with more options than we could ever imagine.

But is science the answer?

The quest for eternal youth is certainly nothing new. You simply have to read the myth of Juan Ponce de Leon and his search for the magical ‘fountain of youth’ in the 16th-century to see just how obsessive we have been throughout the generations. Since that time, the infamous fountain has inspired stories, movies and more, as it captivates our imagination.

The idea of a magical fountain containing water that could somehow restore the youth of all who drank or bathed in it may seem a little crazy to us today, but is it really that far off of our current anti-aging techniques? Every year, new creams, serums, and ‘miracle products’ hit the market, each marking incredible promises. In fact, the global anti-aging market is estimated to reach a shocking $331.41 billion by 2021. However, how reliable are all these so-called ‘miracle products’, or are they nothing more than modern-day snake oil?

Before you give up on the concept of aging gracefully and maintaining your beauty, let me introduce you to Yazemeenah Rossi. At the age of 62, Rossi is a gorgeous, inspirational and successful model who didn’t get her ‘big break’ in the modeling industry until the age of 45. Since that time, her face has become well-known as it has graced the covers of magazines around the globe.

The secret to Rossi’s beauty, however, doesn’t lie in miracle creams or plastic surgery, like many of the others we associate with her chosen career path. Quite the opposite actually. This beach lover, yogi, and whole foods enthusiast has truly embraced love, life, and happiness in a way that is nothing short of inspirational. Spend just a short period time on her Instagram, and you will find yourself reconsidering the effort you have put into nourishing your own mind, body, and spirit.

Rossi shares that the secret to a happy life doesn’t lie in financial success, material belongings or the illusion of fame. Instead, she encourages others to seek a free-spirited, relaxed and simple life. When asked in an interview about her approach to life, Rossi stated, “Water. Yoga. Fresh, organic food that I cook myself. To live in a peaceful place with light and a view of the ocean. To live at my own pace, doing what I want, when I want. These are my basic needs.”

This was the way that Rossi was raised on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. Rather than spending her life focused on the stresses and demands of modern society, she prioritized self-care and healthy living. She feeds her body a healthy, well-balanced and organic diet of vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish and meat, avoiding the additives and preservatives in many of the foods we rely upon in the United States today.

At the same time, Rossi relies on more ‘natural’ alternatives for her beauty routine. “The media makes us believe that we need this or that to have great skin so that products can be sold. They will never say, in fact, the skin has an ability to produce its own protection,” Rossi explained. “There are no beauty products I couldn’t live without as I can always find what I need anywhere.” Rather than relying on commercial products, Rossi credits her incredible complexion to eating healthy fats, exercising regularly and rubbing olive oil on her face and body.

Don’t believe Rossi’s advice? Her results speak for themselves:

Interested in learning more? Check out this video about Yazemeenah’s story:

Feature Image Source: Yazemeenah Rossi

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