Most of us have had the experience at one time or another – You fall head over heels for someone only to wind up heartbroken down the road when it all comes crashing down. While some relationships fall apart due to some specific event or situation, others are simply doomed right from the start.

The world of loving and dating can be difficult to navigate at the best of times. You meet countless people in search of that one partner, the person you ‘click’ with. When you finally find that ‘perfect match’ your relationship kicks off with such promise. This, you believe, may actually be ‘the one’! Swept up in the romance, we often overlook the signs, red flags that there’s something wrong or that we are headed for heartbreak. Instead, we keep plugging forward, investing our heart into this person and the relationship that you share with one another.

Eventually, something happens driving a wedge between you. It may be something that came on suddenly, a triggering event that instantly sends everything crashing down, or something far more subtle. There may be a small crack in your relationship that you don’t even realize exists, slowly growing and getting worse over time until one day you look and realize that little crack has become a great divide. Whatever it is, both partners are left struggling to pick up the pieces of their broken heart.

Don’t you wish that there was a way to avoid this entirely? Your personality plays an important role in how you connect with others, and what struggles you may experience in a relationship. While some personalities will click, complimenting one another, others will clash miserably. It is through looking at these personality traits that we can predict a relationship’s demise.

Warning! These 6 zodiac pairings may be magnetically attracted, but they are doomed from the start:

Aries and Scorpio

Incredibly fiery, these two both have a passion or life that is intense and over the top. While this can be an amazing thing when their passions are aligned, there is inevitably going to come a day that these passions are in direct contrast with one another. Neither of them will be willing to back down, sticking to their guns and fighting for what they believe. This is going to be an epic battle, and when the dust settles they will be left with the broken pieces of their hearts and a relationship that is damaged beyond repair. Knowing this is bound to happen, they may be better off finding someone that is willing to entertain the idea of compromise in their relationship.

Cancer and Aquarius

While they say that opposites attract, there are some pairings that are just too different in the wrong ways, which is the situation for Cancer and Aquarius. While Cancer is highly sensitive and compassionate, living their life with their heart on their sleeve, the same can’t be said for their cold and impersonal Aquarius partner. Unable to understand one another, they will struggle to connect or to support each other when it counts most. Ultimately, they will start to develop a resentment towards one another due to these differences, which will cost them their relationship.

Capricorn and Gemini

Logical, focused and driven to achieve all of their goals and dreams, Capricorn is on a journey towards success, and they need to find someone whose goals align with theirs in order to drive one another forward. Unfortunately, a Gemini is anything but. Refusing to ‘waste their time’ focused on rules and plans for the future, Gemini is a high energy, live in the moment and highly social individual. They are the life of the party, believing that life should be fun. These two literally break one another’s most fundamental rules for the way that they live their lives, and it won’t be long before that is more than either of them can take.

Virgo and Sagittarius

This is another pairing where their differences are just too great to overcome. The reason why, when it comes to Virgo and Sagittarius, is due to the fact that their differences fall right into the category of their greatest annoyances. Simply put, they just push one another’s buttons in the right way that it drives each of them to the edge. Virgo is a happy homebody, viewing stability as a necessity. Meanwhile, Sagittarius lives for freedom, excitement, and adventure, refusing to be tied down. Annoyed and frustrated, it won’t be long until one or both partners lash out resulting in the fight that will end their relationship entirely.

Scorpio and Leo

Both Scorpio and Leo live their lives in complete control, determined that they know what they want and refusing to compromise their headstrong ways. A healthy relationship is built on compromise, and when two people are so determined that they will always get their way it’s like a ticking time bomb. Eventually, one or both parties will decide they’ve had enough, their patience pushed to the breaking point. They may have a lot of smaller arguments throughout their time together as they butt heads, but when that final argument comes, it’s going to be a complete blowout and may even result in collateral damage. Try to keep your friends and family in mind, they didn’t ask for this…

Pisces and Libra

These two signs each have a very clear vision of how beautiful and amazing this world can be, but their approach to this potential reality is what will eventually drive them apart. Practical and hands-on, Libra takes it upon themselves to be the change, working towards harmony and balance in all that they do. Meanwhile, Pisces may dream of a perfect world, but it stays as just that, a dream. It’s hard for Libra to understand how a Pisces can see the same vision, but not be willing to put in the effort to work towards it, which will breed frustration, annoyance, and irritation. They simply don’t have the same plans for how to approach the future, and it’s not something that either side is willing to compromise on.

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