When it comes to love there are lots of signs that indicate someone is the person you should be with and also lots of signs that indicate the opposite. We all need to be able to spot these signs so that we don’t waste our time in this life.

The person you were with years ago might not have turned out to be the person you ended up spending your life with and that is perfectly fine. As a matter of fact, the person you’re with right now might not even be the person you end up marrying but you’re going to grow from the relationship you’re sharing with him all the same. We have to go through these romantic encounters to really find the person worth being with for the rest of our lives and that is something we should all keep in mind. 

If you’re stuck in a relationship you think is failing or you just want to figure out if the connection you have is going to stand the tests of time perhaps looking for the signs could benefit you. Take a peek below and see if your partner lines up with these things if he does then they’re just not meant to be in your life forever. That in itself can be a hard thing to face but also a tremendous place for you to grow from.

6 Signs The Guy You’re With Isn’t The Guy You’re Going To Marry:

1. You just don’t feel like your life goals match up in the ways that they should.

While it might not always be this way, as time has passed and you both have grown you’ve begun to notice how different you both are. You seem headed in one direction whereas your partner is headed in another. The harder you try to make things work the harder they become to accomplish overall.

2. You’re just not happy anymore.

When you’re unhappy in your relationship and nothing you do is helping, you should try being single. Just because you’re comfortable or because you care about someone doesn’t mean they’re good for you and your wellbeing as a whole. We all have to be able to find happiness on our own before really settling down into love properly.

3. You cannot properly trust one another.

When there is a lack of trust within the relationship things will never work as they should. At some point, things will have to come to an end. You cannot let yourself move through life with someone all the while wondering whether they’re even going to come home at the end of the day.

4. You argue with each other all the time.

Arguing might be important from time to time but if your main daily practices with one another consist of fighting, something has got to give. You have to be willing to let go of the people who just don’t match up with you. While you both seem to match up well if you can’t put your differences aside and communicate properly things will never work.

5. You’re always making excuses for the bad things your partner does.

You should never have to make excuses for the things other people are doing. Either you stand by it or you don’t point-blank. If you’re constantly having to put your partner’s actions into perspective for others and feeling used as a result you might need to change partners. This person clearly doesn’t care about how things make you look or how they make you feel through their actions.

6. You’re putting in all the effort to make things work and getting nothing in return.

When we’re in a relationship with someone they need to be putting as much effort forth to make things work as we are. You can’t give someone everything you have to offer and leave yourself sitting in silence empty waiting for them to catch up. In this world there are people who like to use others and your partner could be one of those people.

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