6 Sneaky Things Narcissists Do To Take Advantage of Those Who Trust Them

By December 2, 2017 Other, Rabbit Hole

‘Narcissist’ is a term many people sling around as if it is nothing but honestly if you were in being affected by a true narcissist you would know. They begin as this charming and wonderful person but then once things start to unravel they are a real-life monster.

By definition, a narcissist is someone who shows symptoms of suffering from narcissism. An extremely self-centered person who has an exaggerated sense of self-importance. People who suffer from narcissism are generally almost always extremely exploitative and manipulative.

When it comes to how they see other people, they for the most part merely consider them to be nothing more than a toy or a pawn. Something that can push them higher. The victim of narcissistic abuse often puts far too much trust in the narcissist and gets hurt every single time. If someone is doing the following things to you, do yourself a favor and get them out of your life for good.

6 Sneaky Things Narcissists Do To Take Advantage of Those Who Trust Them:

1. Devalue and Discard

Once the narcissist gets what he or she wants from you they will fill your life with drama and break off from you. They will point out everything you did wrong and make it seem as if the breakup is your fault when in all actuality they are merely ready to move on to the next person. They will tell everyone how awful they think you are and really work to turn the world against you. As if hurting you wasn’t enough, they will destroy you.

2. Blame Game

The narcissist will blame you for everything. You will be blamed for things you cannot change and things that should not even be considered a problem in the first place. No matter what happens, the narcissist is never to blame.

3. Chameleon Personality

Now, depending on who is near the narcissist may be a completely different person. You see, the narcissist takes on aspects of other people’s personalities as a means of getting in good with them. They are always changing who they are to fit other people.

4. Masking Themselves

The narcissist is literally as a performer. They wear masks to hide who they truly are and they are only caring and supportive when other people are around. Behind closed doors, the narcissist is a hurtful infuriating being. They will show you a false version of themselves to win you over and then as bits of their mask fall off they reveal something sinister.

5. Shame Game

Shame is a very destructive emotion. This happens when the narcissist finds something to shame you about and literally will not stop. They build up your self-hatred and make you think there are lots of things wrong with you. The narcissist is good at using your flaws against you.

6. Triangulation

This is what happens when you have proof the narcissist is wrong and they try to bring someone else into the conversation without telling them the whole story. This makes you look like the bad guy all the while they are getting emotional support from this other person. This is the narcissist trying to make you compete for the affection of those around you. He or she is taking your friends from you.



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